Cheeky goal from Payet but.........


  • You'd have thought a snake would be better at sliding...
  • Not bovered....

  • A good job it wasn't against us, those Stoke fans were spitting feathers at Arnie's goal a few weeks back.

    Anger at him aside, it's good to see he has still got it, at his best he is as good a player as any fan could hope to watch.

  • He nicked it from Alexis Sanchez who did the exact same skill against us last season!
  • Looks good that Payet bloke,
    A cheeky bid maybe

  • world class player that's for sure went to the euros and came back a star.
    It was inevitable he was going to go just could of handled it better
  • Macca85,

    Not sure it was all the club/board/Billic’s poor handling, the club had a player who was being difficult and I can say I think they could have handled it much better.
  • sorry meant to say Payet could of handled it better
  • Payet created both goals for Marseille's 2-0 win against Red Bull Salzburg in the Europa League Semi. In the last ten games he's scored 3 and got 8 assists.

    Meanwhile Ravel Morrison is playing for Atlas Guadalajara in the Mexican Liga MX, he hasn't managed to hold down a starting place but he could get a call up by Jamaica.
  • Maybe we’ll get to see him crying if they get to the final and are destroyed by Salah
  • Lets be like Murphys....
  • Vorse

    Some of us already are ;wink
  • I think all the Marseille players would be gutted if they got to the final and were destroyed by Salah as they'll be facing either Arsenal or Atletico Madrid
  • Aslef you make a valid point.... ;bowdown
  • Payet = the past let’s move on.
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