What is the best way to get the best out of Andy Carroll

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But I think it is wider issue going forward under the new manager, as he tried to make our squad more than the sum of its parts.


  • I don’t really like the way we play when Carroll is in the team.
  • Suze ;ok

    I liked what I saw yesterday a lot. Arnie and Antonio worked well together and looked dangerous. Hernandez, Ayew and Sakho have similar attributes, but Carroll is rather one dimensional.

    I'd rather we used him as a wrecking ball of a sub when we're chasing a game or if we need to defend the box at the death.
  • Interesting to see arsenal with (to my knowledge) their best XI out are losing to saints already

    I dont want to see carroll, a reason why weve looked so good on the counter is one thing...."Pace" which Carrol has none of

    We arent the most accurate when we clear our ranks but it works because Antonio an Arnautovic work the channels so well
  • The other thing about Carroll on counters is he seems determined to take several touches and the world’s slowest step over that take him further away from the goal and teammates running passed.
  • Well that's what Antonio was doing yesterday.
  • I don’t really like the way we play when Carroll is in the team.

    ;ok He should only be used as a last resort. If we're losing with like 15 mins to go.
  • There is a place for him in the super sub role I think.
  • Problem is even if we decided there is a place for him in our XI, he is not reliable enough to build the side around. So he should only ever be a sub. If he becomes a regular and becomes vital to how we play, it’s only a matter of time before a slight knock and the rhythm of the side is disrupted. At least as a sub he becomes a luxury not a necesssity.
  • Is there any evidence to support the notion that ac is actually an effective force in the last 15/20 minutes. Has he saved or won games for us when coming off the bench? I may be wrong but I’m struggling to think of a single instance..
  • When he came off the bench to score against arsenal............when we lost 5-1
  • When he came off the bench to score the winner against Chelsea
  • The best way to get something out of Carroll is to sell him ;lol
  • AC has scored 5 goals from the bench.

    Arsenal - loss 1-5
    Leicester - draw 2-2
    Southampton - win 2-1
    Chelsea - draw 2-2
    Chelsea - win 2-1
  • The best way to get something out of Carroll is to sell him ;lol

    Yes to Newcastle in January! ;biggrin
  • I agree Pearces, but who in there right mind would want to buy him with his injury record.
  • I was thinking maybe for medical research ;lol
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    carroll face

    #gettin' dissed
  • carroll injured

    #getting injured making that dissed face
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    Well, based on the last three games, is there a way back into this team for Carroll? We look miles better with two athletes up front, with Arnie and Antonio reminding me of how things were when we had Sakho and Valencia up top.

    Carroll could still be a decent impact player, but he's a million miles away from the starting XI right now.
  • A last 15 minutes player for me now, alternative when you need a different approach
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