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Penalty duty, if we ever get another one.

Who apart from Nobes?


  • Quick question for everyone - if Noble doesn't start, who would you want on penalty duty?

    Would you still want Lanzini or would you choose someone else as 2nd choice?
  • Lanzini still for me then maybe cresswell if it didn’t work out
  • We're not due another penalty until next season. But my choice, if we do get one, is Adrian ;thumbsup
  • Baz ;thumbsup
  • To get a penalty you have to be in the oppositions goal area. ;whistle
  • Not necessarily.
  • edited December 6
    I know it’s not same but
    We use to practice pens, lots times, “miss and out” it was always the same 3 people that was top,
    I think that Thay know who should take pens, but are thay , coz of contracts?
  • edited December 7
    Cressers for me, invoke the spirit of Ray Stewart ;wink
  • Ray Stewart was the best penalty taker I have ever seen.
  • Would’ve thought Hernandez when he’s on the pitch. Carroll’s pretty decent too.
  • I like it when Carroll takes them because he just blasts them
  • Hammerex

    Le Tiss, surely?
  • I agree with Hammerex, closely followed by Julian Dicks.
  • Adrian just so I can see the gloves fly off again
  • after a quick poke around, apparently Ricky Lambert 31/31 and Mario Ballotelli 9/9 havent missed

    I never saw a live Le Tiss pen ( 47/48 and an amazing pen taker and long range scorer too) but I saw some Ray Stewart rockets!
  • Peter lorimer wasn’t bad either
  • Hammerex said:

    Ray Stewart was the best penalty taker I have ever seen.

    Yes. His method was based on the idea that he gave it so much welly he had no idea what part of the goal it would end up in, thereby giving the keeper precious little hope of trying to read it
  • or if he got a hand to it ending up in the back of the net with the ball.. ;biggrin
  • The only exception oddly was the “passed” penalty in the 1981 league cup final.

    I’ve often thought why he chose that penalty to caress. Perhaps he didn’t want to damage the sacred Wembley goal netting??
  • I remember Geoff Hurst taking penalties. You didn’t want to get on the end of one of those ;wahoo
  • Gordon Banks did once ;weep

    I'd actually go with Hernandez or Ayew depending on whose on the pitch at the time, assuming Noble isn't.
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