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I couldn't see one so here is the CHELSEA HOME MATCH THREAD (09.12.17 12:30 kick off)

Have at it....


  • HOME WIN *clap clap clap* SEVEN NIL *clap clap clap*
  • NURSE !!

    ALD IS OUT OF BED AGAIN..... ;wahoo
  • edited December 2017

    And we are going to trample their blue flag in the mud.

    (alderz, I'll distract them, you raid the pharmacy! mwahahahahaha ;run )
  • This will be very tough. Chelsea have a lot of pace and width. They also have a good striker.
    Can see them getting at least two goals so cannot see us getting anything from this game.
    Probably our next point will be Newcastle at home.
  • Comfortable 2-0 win for Chavski
  • edited December 2017

    This will be very tough. Chelsea have a lot of pace and width.

    I have width but not a lot of pace!

    I start work 4:20pm on Saturday so no pub for me, I'm going to have to watch it sober. This is going to be painful whatever the score...........
  • I have worked out that I need to start drinking at breakfast....

    Whilst Chelsea are better than us I do think we could get something from this game.

    Other than a head ache that is.
  • I hope for a similar level of performance abit of luck and Chelsea having an off day and we sneak a 1-0 win
  • Suzanne
    I used to always think we could get something from every game but currently I just cannot see us scoring enough goals to counteract how many we let in to even drawer most games. Especially against the top 7 or 8 teams.
  • Are any of our injured players going to be back ?
  • Hutton, I hear ya.

  • I think we will be 2 down at half time following two silly individual errors. We will have a storming second half which will result in us pulling 1 goal back. At the end we will come away with no points but everyone will be lauded as heroes.
  • So how many are we going to lose by then barracks?
  • Actually the previous comment was tongue in cheek

    I actually think we will win. We have a far better chance against Chelsea than arsenal as Chelsea have been hit and miss this season
  • Will lightening strike twice? Crystal Palace beat Chelsea for their first home win. That should give us some confidence.
  • Adrian
    Zabaleta Rice Reid Ogbonna Masuaku
    Obiang Kouyate
    Antonio Sakho

    Arnautovic & Ayew OK as subs but not to start.
  • Will be interesting to see how much he rotates for their champions league game tonight

    They have been hit and miss but lately theyve been in good form no coincidence since hazard recovered from injury

    They have qualified already but will like to top the group becauze roma will likely smash quarabag so theyll probably name a strong team

    Has to be 3 at the back though havent heard about kouyates injury but it looked like a hamstring so doubt hes fit

    Reid - Rice - Ogbonna
    Zaba - Obiang - Noble - Lanzini - Masuaka
    Antonio - Sakho

    The pace and power of those 2 upfront should allow us to counter because Chelsea wil expect ti have the lion share of possession
  • Just done a teensy edit of the format of the thread title.

    Just trying to be helpful ;biggrin
  • Well I liked it just the way it was, so there

  • edited December 2017
    GK: Adrian

    RCB: Rice
    CB: Ogbonna
    LCB: Cresswell

    RWB: Zabaleta
    RCM: Fernandes
    CM: Obiang
    LCM: Lanzini
    LWB: Masuaku

    ST: Antonio
    ST: Sakho

    Assuming Reid, Noble and Kouyate are all out and Chicharito and Carroll are also only likely to make the bench at best.

    1-1 for me
  • The Grauniad says that Moyes might drop Hart for Adrian

    Please, please, please, please, please.........
  • The Mirror (or one of those rags) reported it as a definite.
  • I hope he’s got the backbone to drop him because on form it’s a no brainier we will soon see
  • If hart gets dropped for an extended run of games, his career at the highest level will likely be over
  • If hart gets dropped for an extended run of games, his career at the highest level will likely be over

    Rumour has it that Hart has it in his contract that he has to play every premiership game provided he is not injured of course.
  • That is a very strong rumour, but still a rumour. Time will tell.
  • I always felt those contracts were myths - if it is true I would break it anyhow and see if he wants to sue us for breach and have it magnified that we would rather pay compensation than play him. Diplomacy usually works in these cases and Moyes should explain that if he takes the shirt from Adrian after him giving the display he did then he may as well sell him as he is finished for the club, ask Hart how he would feel? then put it out that the decision was easy to keep Adrian due to a knock received in training by Hart.
  • No. You cant lie about these things as they always come out... and it is wrong anyway.
  • Loss.

    By two clear goals.
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