• The 2018 World Cup Draw 3pm - 4:30pm this afternoon, live on Sky Sports and BBC2.

    Which probably means an hour of faffing about before they draw the teams or they're going to have loads of faffing between Pots
  • I hope we get a really tough group so at least we have 3 interesting games to watch before getting knocked out in the next round...
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    Excellent... the what group wont we get out of faffathon!
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    England get pretty lucky IMO
    & I see very little of Gary Lineker on Satelite out here, but thought he handled the draw really well...
    And he also managed to get a sly dig in to Maradona ;ok
  • And to italy ;lol
  • Does the top two in each group go through to the next stage??
  • So happy to get Belgium....

    Looking forward to wearing my shirt to the office may even hang up the St Georges...
  • Tidy old group that.
  • The two teams that qualify from Group G play the two teams that qualify from Group H so we could end up with Poland, Columbia, Senegal or Japan.
  • Ooooo

    Could this be our tournament.


    I’ll go away and have a word with myself.
  • I look at that group and think many positive thoughts.
    Then remember that just over a year ago we got beaten by Iceland.
  • If England top their group, their path to the final could see them come up against Colombia, Brazil, France and then Germany.

    If Southgate's side finish second then it could be Poland, Germany, Spain and then Brazil in the final.

    Other than that all looks well. ;whistle
  • With hart in goal I doubt it very much out the group then bmi baby in and out of a country in 90 minutes
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