Bilic Sacked ... Who'll be appointed? (Now we know.)

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    And it's done

    Although I thought he should go, this actually hurts a lot
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  • ;weep ;weep

    Was ambivalent when he was appointed, but am really sad that it didn't work out.

    Have a lot of respect and liking for him. Good luck Slav (I'm sure he'll not be out of work for long).
  • Sad but inevitable. Thanks to Slaven for two of the greatest days in recent times - winning at Anfield and the last game at the Boleyn which was one of the greatest nights in our history. Seems a long time ago now. I wish him well.
  • Interesting wording 'has left his position'. I wonder if he did the honourable thing and tendered his resignation, which was accepted.
  • I liked him But can't say I'm sad

    He looked out of his depth last year but had several excused which that I accepted he should be given another chance

    And this year we have been woeful with a mid to top table team

    Good guy but out of his depth

    Who comes in...probably Moyes

    I'd much prefer Koeman though
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    That's good news.

    I'm sad for Slav as he is, imo, an honourable, likeable man who tried to play attacking football. Unfortunately he could not get the defence working, and I don't just mean the back 4/5.
    Good luck to him in the future and thanks for some wonderful memories.
  • This is the first sacking in a very long time that saddens me (despite my call for it). I so wanted it to work..

    I will forever love him for that last season at Upton Park...

  • Really mixed feelings ,loved the guy ,but needs must, good luck Slav . ;hug
  • Desperately sad as he is a decent and honourable human

    But a big thank you for some surreal achievements in season 1. Chief amongst them for me the win at Anfield. First in my lifetime.
  • Gutted for Bilic, BUT, I have been saying for 18 months, any manager that doesn`t have a preferred system, or if he does, the cojones to stick with it, is setting himself up to fail. Football teams, at any level, need a fixed rehearsed system to maintain any sort of continuity and fluidity. Teams that I played for played 4-3-3, when I received the ball I knew who SHOULD be either inside of me, outside of me or ahead of me (didn`t need to know who was behind me because we were encouraged to go forwards). Bilic has failed to impose HIS preferred system on the team and as a result for 18 months we have looked shambolic and disjointed. Bilic is a nice man, he is a Socialist (hurrah), but as a premier league football manager he is weak. I wish him all the luck in the World, but I`ll be honest, the fact that he has finally been sacked is a huge relief from both a West Ham perspective and for him and his mental and physical health. ;scarf

    If I had to choose anyone from the names currently touted (and realistic) I would have Pardew back. ;champagne
  • He came across as a thoroughly decent and honorable human being, so long Slav, best wishes for the future.
  • Just noticed that Dicks has gone as well
  • Notice Chris Woods is the only member of the backroom staff staying. He was Moyes's goalkeeping coach at Everton. We're really going to be stuck with that dinosaur in charge. How depressing.
  • Who is in temporary charge?
  • I suspect Westley will take training tomorrow (if indeed there is any) and we'll have a new man in post by Wednesday.
  • Who is in temporary charge?

    David Sullivan Jnr...
  • God help us Mooj... ;lol
  • They may promote Jack from the Ladies team...... ;nonono
  • Not that you can read too much into these things, but of the names being discussed by various fan sites, here are the career win percentages:

    Moyes: 42.6%
    Howe: 45.1%
    Dyche: 39.3%
    Hiddink: 56.8%
    Allardyce: 39.4%
    Benitez: 51.1%

    Hiddink stands out as the obvious choice. He's the most successful, he's available and he has been interim manager before.

    But I suspect it will be Moyes. His stats aren't too bad as a whole, but with a win percentage of 28.6% and 18.6% at Sociedad and Sunderland respectively, his form is heading the wrong way...
  • Tbf think most of us were calling for changes to the coaching team so can't be too disappointed

    Couldn't tell you what fitness work and defensive training we did
  • If it's Moyes then he's our manager and we have to get behind him and the team.

    I'll be hoping it isn't, right up until an announcement is made, but if it is him, I'll back him.
  • I wrote yesterday that I thought a change was needed but I'd still like to say thanks to him for a wonderful final season at our beloved Boleyn Ground.
    Good luck to the new appointment but I sincerely hope that the board get this one right.
  • I have huge admiration for Slav as a man, but for a good while it has looked like he hasn't been able to get us organised.
  • I'd prefer Dyche.
  • Am very sad Bilic had to go. So many managers have failed at this club and so many players just become worse when they join us or have been with us a while .

    West Ham needs a company to come in and do a major review of every area within the club to see what on earth is wrong with the set up / culture at the whole club.

    Whoever takes over as manager he needs to try and sweep clear the horrible atmosphere surrounding the club and more importantly to me the squad.

    I do feel that players like Noble sadly need to go as we need a new Captain not tarnished with the disgraceful team attitude over the last few years and some better players also not tarnished with the disgraceful performances we have seen for far too long.

    In most companies that are run poorly though there is usually a change at board level and the staff don’t usually take the blame all the time!!

    The two David’s have let the supporters and this club down very badly. They may have been seen as saviours when they first came to the club but since then they have done a very good job of destroying the whole culture surrounding the club and the team.

    Just my opinion but it’s the way I see things.

  • Bit of a watershed moment for the daves

    They talked it all up when seeking sam’s replacement and it seems slav was nowhere near their first choice.

    What can they deliver this time? ;hmm
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  • I saw that Mrs G. Very interesting. Just didn't feel like it I guess
  • So the inevitable happened..
    Gutted, but the writing was on the wall IMO not helped by lots of outside factors.
    1st season , best in ages, no one could argue that..
    2nd season dealing with new stadium and the Payet debacle ...
    This season, well disappointing ...

    My favourite manager for years has left the building..
    Well done Slav, a Hammer who wore his heart on his sleeve, pity a few players didn't do that...

    Regarding the imminent arrival of Moyes, I'm gutted about this....
    But as all managers who arrive at our club, I shall give him my full support, that doesn't change my huge disappointment if he does get named as our new Manager...

    Cheers Slav, and I hope u get all u want in the future .....
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