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Other games weekend of oct 28th

Just watching Everton, do not think that this display is going help Unworths case for the job full time.


  • Whereas the unpopular / safe choice in Puel so far getting the Fox fans on his side
  • Let’s be honest Everton at home is not exactly the toughest of baptisms? (Although to be fair I’m sure we’d find a way of stuffing up playing against them ;lol )
  • edited October 2017
    What really annoyed me was the foul on Lennon that was so much more obviously a penalty than Ogbonna's challenge, but not given. Are ref's more ready to penalise us, or am I being paranoid? ;hmm
  • Evertone are the ones that should feel hard done by, that was simply a cast iron penalty, astonishing mistake by the ref
  • Definite pen and Jags lunge on Vardy a definite yellow but nothing given. Oh well.
  • Oh good. 3 match ban means he misses us.
  • I wasn't aware of that previous incident - scum. ;angry
    In the meantime Ben Stokes gets dropped from the Ashes squad for defending 2 gay men from homophobic abuse ;hmm
  • MNF

    GNev on form ;wahoo ;bowdown
  • MrsG, pray tell
  • edited October 2017
    Slating the poor defending of Everton, puncturing the #playthekids bubble .. and digging out the players who didn't do their jobs.

    "Unsworth didn't tell his players to go out there and leave huge gaps between the CBs and FBs." They've played hundreds of games, Pl and international games. They should be better.


    He was disagreeing with carra, who was expressing the view that Everton is a team of old geezers and perky youngsters. Neither group of which can help the other. The old and slow look after themselves; the young and inexperienced don't know what to do to make up for the others' inadequacies.

    Lively debate ;biggrin
  • MrsG, thanks for that ;ok
  • Vintage stuff. Both arguing with conviction, both making good points, both informed and knowledgeable. Carra mostly querying player selection/formation and GNev focussing on player performance and individual responsibility. Love it.
  • Carraghers piece on us was hard to hear.

    'Lack of desire' - gave us a proper grilling. Unfortunately agreed with every word ;whome
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