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Palace (A) can we clip the Eagles wings or will we fade & die (Match Thread 28.10.17)

OK after a tale of 2 halves, will we field our best team or best players, only Slav will know. COYI


  • My guess is that some expensive and highly-paid West Ham employees will be less than happy after Bilic selects his starting XI. I'm hoping that his old method of selection - "who did we pay most for? who are the biggest earners?" - will be replaced by "who is in form?" and "who suits this team?" (Obviously I'm stretching it a bit, but that's the impression I've had this year.) Palace will be looking to bounce back again, so it could be a cracking game.
  • This is what I think we will see:

    Hart; Fonte Reid Ogbonna; Zabaleta Noble Lanzini Cresswell; Antonio; Carroll Hernandez

    But I would like to see:

    Hart; Reid Rice Ogbonna; Antonio Noble Obiang Cresswell; Lanzini; Ayew Hernandez

    I know Adrian made some good saves against Spurs, but I really can't see Bilic starting him, and tbh, I am firmly in the "Joe Hart is better" camp. I would be very surprised to see the same XI, or even as many of 7/8 of them starting on the weekend.
  • Hart
    Zabaleta, Fonte, Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell
    Noble, Obiang, Lanzini
    Ayew, Hernandez
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    For me... It doesnt matter who's the better GK (its not like there's a lot in it), Adrian is an adopted one of our own and i'd rather he's in goal.

    Hart, I have no liking/affection/affinity with. I feel nothing and dont care if we sign him or not

    #cold Harted
  • As much as I Like Zab, up against Zaha & Townsend would be a worry for me, after last night Byram gets my vote to start
  • I think Byram always seems like a yellow card waiting to happen (not that Zab doesn’t get his fair share), and his inexperience will hurt him against Zaha
  • Antonio could work there. His attacking threat could force Zaha to do more defensive work.

    I'd be tempted to go:

    Hadrian (I can't decide)
    Fonte Rice Reid
    Antonio Kouyate Obiang Cresswell
    (Spurs second-half) Ayew Hernandez
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    alderz said:

    I know Adrian made some good saves against Spurs, but I really can't see Bilic starting him, and tbh, I am firmly in the "Joe Hart is better" camp. I would be very surprised to see the same XI, or even as many of 7/8 of them starting on the weekend.

    But on his form this season, or even the last few, do you think he's shown he's better than Adrian? I don't think so. Adrian had a bad start to last season and was deservedly dropped but has been fine otherwise. I also think there's a sort of motivational factor to Adrian making great saves even if Hart, you might argue, doesn't have to make them because he's a more measured performer.

    I think Adrian will come in and the formation will surely remain the same. It's one way for Bilic to stamp his authority because the formation that works requires a lot of our most expensive players to either work for the team or sit out. I think there are naturally going to be a few changes though because that back line clearly isn't first-choice (and didn't do so well either).

    I think Adrian, Rice, Noble and Ayew were the players who made their claim to stay in the team.


    Fonte – Reid – Rice

    Antonio – Noble – Obiang (or Fernandes?) – Cresswell

    Ayew – Lanzini

    Hernandez (or Carroll)
  • Rather worrying - as far as our transfer policy is concerned - that last night's performance came without any of our new signings, and only one of last season's signings (ignoring Arnie's few minutes at the end).

    Think we need to stick with as many as possible from last night. I would be tempted to bring back Reid, as in Alderz favoured back three (Reid-Rice-Ogbonna), but would like Kouyate to have at least the first half, and would rather replace Fernandes with Obiang than Kouyate in midfield. So:





    * Kouyate to be swapped for Reid if he can't control his needless fouling in the first half.

    ** Cresswell to be swapped for Masuaku if he hits his first two crosses into the RB.

    *** Sakho to start if he's fit and in the right frame of mind. AC to come on if we feel we need his defensive heading qualities, which has been the best thing he's brought to the team recently.

    I don't think Hart has done so much wrong that he deserves to be dropped. I just think it was a mistake to sign him and that Adrian is both good enough to start and better for team morale.
  • I also think Hart should return. I don’t think Adrian saved anything last night that he shouldn’t have, or that Hart wouldn’t have saved, and I still feel Adrian is an erratic decision away from catastrophe.
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    For me I don't think Adrian or Ogbonna deserve to be dropped. Rice didn't do that much so I'd bring in Reid and Fonte (who has been in good form) for Kouyate.

    Adrian (I can decide)
    Fonte Reid Ogbonna
    Antonio Noble Obiang Cresswell
    Ayew Hernandez

    Without Noble we are a bunch of slackers ;wink

    Part 2 of the Bilic rehabilitation and all that. We need this win big time ;scarf
  • edited October 2017
    OCS do you reckon there will be a wall in goal? ;biggrin

    (I know Hart + Adrian = Hadrian) ;wink
  • Number of calls to be made

    Think Ogbonna and Ayew did enough to keep their places

    Noble too , Adrian is 50/50 and Byram, Rice and Fernandes will probably lose a spot

    Antonio hasn't been in great form he looks a bit disinterested and Lanzini needs to play but not as 2 with Noble as well be overrun

    Think we'll see

    Fonte Reid Ogbonna
    Zaba Noble Kouyate/Pedro Lanzini Cressy
    Ayew Hernandez
  • Bear in mind that Antonio played most of the Brighton match in great pain after his rib injury that kept him out yesterday. So cut him some slack. But not sure to what extent he will have recovered and trained sufficiently for Saturday. I'm using the doubt to avoid putting him back in my line-up - otherwise I'd face the tricky question of whether to drop Zabaleta. I'd certainly play Zaba over Byram, though, as I don't think Byram was much cop last night, even though he did throw himself about towards the end and got in some useful blocks. But going forward offered little.
  • After thinking long and hard:

    Rice - Reid - Ogbonna
    Byram - Noble - Kouyate - Cresswell
    Ayew - Lanzini

    Hart, Fonte, Zabaleta, Obiang, Antonio, Arnautovic, Chicharito
  • Think Zab has been one of the bright spots of this season think he offers a lot still can't see Byram displacing him imo

    Much prefer Hernandez to Carroll
  • Just don’t like the balance when Zab is RWB. He hasn’t got the agility to play it IMO. Byram needs some game time now. He’s been patient enough.
  • Lawro has us for a 1-1 draw at palace. Well, he will have to eat humble pie if the teams spirits of the second half at Spurs resurfaces.

    It is hard to change a winning team but EPL is a team/squad game and you need horses for courses. I think Zaha will torment Zabaleta which is a good players but lacks pace. We also need pace. I think Adrian is better goalie than Hart and Rice did well in the second half once the defenders sorted out things. So would like to keep him in the team. In the second half at Tottenham Ayew was playing ahead of Carroll and hence could get behind the opposing defence. so same would be needed again as Ayew has pace compared to Carroll,

    Not sure of the injury or fatigue position but if all is well my choice will be

    Rice - Reid - Ogbonna
    Antonio - Noble - Obiang - Cresswell
    Ayew - Lanzini

  • Worth considering that Zaha is currently playing as a striker. Almost like a false 9 with Townsend.

    So wouldn’t be a simple case of Zaha vs our full-back.
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    I see we are wearing our 3rd kit tomorrow...
    It's a bit ;hmm IMO
    But whatever kit if they can repeat the scoreline at Wembley I'll be all ;wahoo ;scarf
    Only injury doubt is Antonio, for me he shouldn't start then, not worth risk and let players from Wednesday continue..
  • I'm not totally sure Antonio should start anyway. Although I do like the idea of him and Ayew running the channels with no out and out striker. If I was manager, I would play:

    Reid Rice Ogbonna
    ---Ayew Antonio

    There is a lot up for debate though. Fonte has generally been good. Kouyate maybe should play although I think he's struggled this season. Zab has been the only man trying in some games this season but I don't like him as a wing back. Don't like Antonio as a wing back either. Masuaku looks great from the bench but didn't take his chance starting last week. Lots of tough decisions.

    Arnie doesn't deserve to start for at least 3 games, because he's annoying me.
  • edited October 2017
    My only 2 changes to ur line up Eski would be Cheikh for Rice & AC for Antonio ;ok
    Harsh on Fonte , but a way to play both Cheikh & Obiang...
    ;hmm now not sure about Fonte / Cheikh , out of his preferred position....
  • I wouldn't have Antonio in the squad. Hasn't looked fit recently, why risk him? Lets get him back to 100%
  • edited October 2017
    ;puzzled Do we ever have any players 100% fit ;whistle
  • edited October 2017
    Whatever you think of Adrian I don’t think he deserved to lose the spot immediately at the start of the season. He lost his place to Randolph last season and had to patiently wait to get it back. Then he did and we kept a lot of clean sheets and other than losing 0-4 to Liverpool we took a lot of points from our last batch of games.

    To then just lose his place on the ‘reputation’ of Hart was very unfair, even if you think Hart is the naturally better keeper. It was Adrian’s place to lose. Tbh I would’ve expected Hart to have saved more of the goals that have gone in, given his quality. Not to say any of the goals have been bad errors, but I expect an upgraded and big name keeper to save more of those shots which lesser keepers wouldn’t. I think he should’ve done better with a few of the goals we have let it. Not to say they are glaring gaffes, but if he can’t save them then what was the point in upgrading?
  • I mostly agree, Lukerz, on the principle of 'it's his shirt to lose'.... but also acknowledge that there may have been clear/evident differences shown in training.
  • Hart while has not made any glaring errors his name on the shirt has not warranted displacing Adrian IMO
  • Not sure at all of the team. However, Antonio should play if fit and I would like to see Adrian play.
  • On twitter no Rice or Sakho in the squad.
  • I didn't listen to the whole presser, but the transcript (maybe only partial) didn't even mention Sakho. Slav said Antonio would be training after his bruised rib and they'd see how he was, and that Collins was the only one out. Looks like Sakho's out of the picture, which is very disappointing.
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