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So. That happened. Now, on to the other matches for this weekend...

First up, a somewhat under-strength Chelsea take on Watford.

Followed by a bunch of not very exciting 3pm games. (I'm opting to watch City-Burnley.)

What about you?

Talking points?


  • Think Chelsea/Watford could be a close one. Have been impressed with Watford.
  • Hope Sideshow Bob goes through Deeney like a train, gives him a pat, and asks him how he fancies it.
  • edited October 2017
    Great goal by Pedro..
    Trying to forget about us at the moment...
    Watford getting wound up..& IMO Jon Moss is a useless fussy ref
  • Nice goal but such a shocking decision to give the corner. ;doh
  • edited October 2017
    Watford back in it with a screamer of their own.
  • just posted this on wrong thread sorry....

    Watching the Watford/Chelsea game and noting the tempo of both teams but Watfords quick. accurate, dangerous passing and movement is putting ours to shame (and they've got first choice central defenders out again).

    Before the season started, as with Brighton, how many Watford players wouldve been welcomed into our squad over our players?

    If they played like that against us in the first half we'd have been overrun. I'm not saying that to be purposely negative or a doom/gloom merchant, its just worrying how inept and pedestrian we are with virtually no creativity.

    Silvas stock keeps rising
  • What's the problem? We're flying up the table.... ;whistle
  • Huddersfield 2 up after 30 minutes.
  • Bournemouth keeping us out of the bottom three at the moment.
  • Ah! Leicester have scored. Back to the drawing board.
  • As long as the Stoke score stays the same we will keep out of the bottom three.
  • Watching Huddersfield vs United, good game to watch, nice tempo with some good movement and individual skill on display.

    At the start of the season how many Huddersfield players would I take over ours?

    More evidence if it was ever needed that this is a team game and that all members of that team have to be energized and motivated - afraid that our lot lack both of those qualities.

    Really like the look of Rashford, for someone so young he appears to have it all.
  • Craig Pawson? He's in the Stuart Attwell and Mike Jones mould of referees. Just woeful.
  • Sadly for u Iron then as Craig Pawson is one of the most promising refs in England....
  • When they say 'most promising' they mean younger.
  • edited October 2017
    Good old gooners, Everton slip below us now on goals scored
  • Arsenal get one more and Everton are in the relegation zone.
  • Wonder who'll be sacked first

    Bilic or Koeman

    Everton really are a shambles
  • Who will go first, Koeman or Bilic?
  • Rubbish. Everton have played Man City, Chelsea, Spurs, Man U and Arsenal. They've played 4 winnable games: Won 2, Drawn 1 and Lost 1. The loss was 1-0.

    We've only played 2 of the 'Top 6'.
  • And managed to make the others look like top 6
  • But they spent big money to become a top 6 team.
  • Strange we have moved up the table
    Arsenal stuff Everton?
  • Liverpool ;lol
  • Sticking in my throat a bit but Spurs look good today, Liverpool are hardly mugs yet they are lucky not to be three down in 16 minutes
  • imagelost said:

    Strange we have moved up the table
    Arsenal stuff Everton?

    It seems that our best approach to gaining league positions is to actually not play at all
  • That's the approach they've been taking but unfortunately it's also on matchdays.
  • IronHerb said:

    But they spent big money to become a top 6 team.

    I think they spent big money because they sold Lukaku. Yes they had a net spend of £50m, but Huddersfield had a net spend of £38m and Brighton had a net spend of £47m.

    My point is he shouldn't be sacked first before Bilic.
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