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How I hate the Spuds - 25th at Wembley (the only time we will get there this year) Cup Match Thread

Taking a bullet for the team, so how bad will the game vs the spuds be, or will we turn a corner?


  • I, for one, don't hate the spurs. Remember, their feud is with Arsenal, not with us.
  • I worked for years near the stadium, it was bad
  • I can imagine...
  • Play Toni Martinez i could care less about who else plays.
  • Martinez is better than Ayew. Pity Sakho is injured... or is he?
  • I can't remember if Ayew has been tried up front this year. At least it would get him out of the way( although to be fair he has a knack of picking up goals and assists.)
  • I don’t care who plays “ just put same effort show passion,, and don’t get sent off
  • We usually put up somewhat of a decent showing in our games v Spurs - certainly in recent times this has been the case
  • Drop Arnie and play three at the back, prefer Collins if he's fit, Oggy if he's not

    Adrian in for Hart, Noble in for Kouyate, Carroll in for Hernandez
  • Adrian
    Zabaleta, Fonte, Collins, Reid, Cresswell
    Byram, Noble, Lanzini, Masuaku

    Passion players please. Nobes, Collins, Byram, Carroll in. Players who actually look like they care

  • ;hmm same team as Friday let them work it out
  • whupathman, the trouble is that seturn so many cornersimage
  • Byram is a good shout: he's been untarnished by any of our inept performances this season. Cresswell & Masuaku on the left. Martinez should get a chance, but Slav is a very stubborn guy. Nobes & Carroll for some fire. Rest Ant, he looks knackered. Adrian for Hart. Then don't give up, whatever the score.
  • edited October 2017
    Rice - Reid - Ogbonna
    Byram - Noble - Obiang - Cresswell
    Chicharito - Carroll

    Hart, Fonte, Zabaleta, Masuaku. Kouyate, Antonio, Ayew
  • Well if we turn up and play like Friday the way spurs are battering liverpool even if they play their reserve team, and have Kane and co on bench I can’t see us getting anything out of the game and if it is a hiding surely that’s the last nail in the 50 nail coffin for Slav?
  • Liverpool defence is worse than ours.
  • Or on par ;ok
  • It’s funny isn’t it, no matter how rich a vein of form spurs are in (as seems to be the case today), when they then play us, they seem to find us a tough nut to crack in recent times

    The way they are playing today and how we played on Friday, you would expect a cricket score but actually I expect nothing if the sort

    Think we’ll give them a run for their money, however based upon our recent showings I’ve no idea how I’ve come to this conclusion
  • Because they will probably play 8 who didn't play today ;wink ;ok
  • edited October 2017
    Because they will probably play 8 who didn't play today ;wink ;ok
    Don't like this dbl post...
    But still I also expect a closer score than today's game V Liverpool
  • I do barracks spurs will play a team with players we never heard of
  • They will play Kane just for the laugh and so he can bag another hat trick ;weep
  • Not very good at drawing out the team I'd like to see but I will attempt to draw if and also explain it!

    Zab Rice Reid Fonte Cress

    Subs: Hart, Byram, Ogbonna, Kouyate, Obiang, Antonio, Martinez

    That's what I'd like to see.
    - Give Adrian a go.
    - Bring Rice in (I saw the under 23's play today and Rice was on another level compared to the rest of them - looked leagues above all our other youth players).
    - Bring Noble in for his passion as we've been lacking it recently (especially at it's a London derby)
    - Play Masuaku out on left midfield not as a CM (didn't know how to draw it!)
    - Play Carroll and Hernandez up top but ensure Hernandez is actually playing as a striker and not a winger. Playing those 2 COULD work as long as he's not played wide. Play him on the shoulder of Carroll.
    - We have the option to go long for Carroll and let him use his sheer force to work something or we have the option for players like Lanzini and Hernandez to work things. Realistically though we aren't going to "outplay" Spurs so maybe the long and physical route to Carroll would be the best approach.
    - For subs we have Byram to try something different, Kouyate if we want to move from defence to attack faster as he's a good powerful dribbler and effective on the counter (probably instead of Lanzini so we have more aerial presence), Antonio for the same reasons I mentioned about Kouyate and then Martinez to try him out and for something different (him and Carroll would be a handful as they're 2 big blokes).
  • I'd like to see us play a really strong team because we need a performance and a result would be a tremendous boost for us going into the next league league match which is undoubtedly very important. After the Brighton match I would probably go for:-


    All this is with the ignorance of not 100% knowing the team news and going along with the rumoured fitness situation as well.

    -Reverting to a back 3 plays to our strengths more and gives us a better foundation to build on and develop.

    -Byram has been very unlucky as he had a good pre-season but Zabaleta has been impressive so he has to wait for his chances but I feel he could be a real asset at RWB and provides genuine out and out width which would be an good outlet for us.

    -Carroll is largely pointless against top teams on big pitches as he doesnt have the mobility and they press high up to reduce his link up play also. Id go for a genuine 2 up front with mobility and really try to stretch the back line and get the opp turned; so either Hern+Sakho, or if Sakho isnt fit the Antonio through the middle.

    -Rice is a real option and in a back 3 there are much more opportunities for him. A supreme talent and one that we should really embrace and cherish. He deserves his chance.

  • Referee for this game:
    Mike Dean
  • The good news is Ogbonna scored a good goal in training today.
  • I don't think Lanzini is fit to play three games in a week and is likely to be saved for Saturday. Antonio does not look fully fit and Kouyate was also struggling in the last game . If Collins is fit he should play, we need his passion and commitment. We should try out the Sakho/Hernandez combination as the combination with Carroll has not worked. A 3-5-2 formation could be like this.

  • Byram needs to be involved more. Thought he had a good end to last season and a good pre-season.

    Can’t fault Zab’s attitude but he’s now naturally a lot slower and his age is catching up with him.
  • Away Win.


    NURSE.. NURSE.. I cant find my pills....
  • to be honest don't really care much about this game ,I did when the draw was made .but now like other seasons the prem games have become more important to me .even if we win which I think we can (spurs will play a week lineup )I will just think would rather have had the 3 points against Brighton
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