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PL games this weekend 14_15 October and Monday night football

So, proper football is back. ;wahoo

And we start the weekend with the biggest game in the actual universe. Apparently.


  • Struggling to pick who I want to lose here (both, equally, tbh)

    Would enjoy a dull 0-0, with Klippetty attacking Moaninho's defending, and Moaninho defending his attacking against Klippety's attacks.
  • Dull is the word

    Liverpool looking the better

    Both teams final ball is poor
  • Sky Sports com's going over board with the challenges.
  • Another hyped up game that so far has failed to deliver..
    Hopefully a bit more excitement of some description in the 2nd half..
  • Liverpool should have had a penalty.Guaranteed penalty if it wasn't ManU.
  • Lookarkooo unable to score against a 'top' team again.
  • edited October 2017
    He had one chance and next to nothing service wise. Only Pedro Obiang wouldve scored in those circumstances

    #probably wrong thread
  • At least we are spared being the first to concede against Palace. That honour has gone to Chelsea.
  • And the second...
  • It looks like football is rebelling to the weeks worth of hyperbolic advertising of the Liverpool ManUtd game which tuned out to be turgid.

    ;hmm ;weep ;nonono ;lol ;biggrin all over the place.
  • When do we play City because I want to hide well away.
  • Forget that, I'll probably be behind the sofa when we play Watford...!
  • barracks do what I do just stay there
  • Struggling to pick who I want to lose here (both, equally, tbh)

    Would enjoy a dull 0-0, with Klippetty attacking Moaninho's defending, and Moaninho defending his attacking against Klippety's attacks.

    And as if by magic:
    Liverpool dominated for long spells but could not break United down, and Klopp said: "I'm sure if we played like this, you could not do this at Liverpool. Obviously for United it is OK."

    Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho said he lacked attacking options.

    "I needed my bench, and I didn't have a bench," said the Portuguese.
  • Will be interested to see if the penalty awarded to Watford yesterday gets looked at under the new simulation rules.

    I don't know if the FA announce these things beforehand, or only if the review leads to a retrospective punishment.
  • They keep going on about de Gea's save but Adrian did that 2 or 3 times a season. Good save but I think they were looking for something to hype out of this game.
  • Herb ;ok

    Surely it's what any keeper would do?

    Sticking out a leg is hardly unique to de Gea.
  • Bruno just threw the win away for Brighton by elbowing an Everton player in the mush in the penalty area, and somehow escaped a red.
  • Perez slams Yoshida in the ribs with a challenge where he had no intention of playing the ball, easily as bad as Carrol's 2nd challenge.


    A stern talking to...
  • Yedlin, already on a yellow, goes steaming in, foot high, studs up, in a challenge that could easily have merited a red.


    Captain called over, and Yedlin given a calm down, use your head talking to...
  • So what's the point you're trying to highlight Grey? ;lol
  • edited October 2017

    Not booked, makes a similar challenge (certainly no worse) to Yedln's 2nd.


    A booking.


    No point. No, no. Not me. ;whistle
  • There's a definite whiff of agendas in the air ;hmm
  • Well, on reflection, I suppose there may be just the teensiest similarity between those events and Big Andy's dismissal.

    Hadn't really thought of it...
  • Unnnnnnnbleaveable
  • Always thought that Derren Nesbitt's face was modeled on the Thunderbird's (are go) characters ;biggrin
  • Dodged a bullet I think, choosing to swerve the MNF game tonight.
  • It was bad... we gave up after 20 minutes.
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