Star Trek or Star Wars?

See Chicago's post below.


  • Possibly worthy of a separate thread, but Star Wars over Star Trek.......

    For me Star Trek all day long, my favorite genre, "The next generation"

    IMO! Star Wars can be enjoyed but it does not really provide you with any sort of challenge that makes you think.

    The beauty of Star Trek was that so many episodes were written to raise social, ecomonic or moral issues, at the end of the day Star Wars is a graphical arcade game where there is a damsel in distress and a baddie dressed in black.

    Please discuss

  • Star Trek for me!
  • I must be a rare breed but neither for me. Starship Troopers!!
  • And an honourable mention for Firefly, which never got past its first season.
  • Moojor said:

    Star Trek for me!

    Particularly relevant in today's political climate
  • Grey - Firefly was excellent never understood why that was cancelled.

    The film was pretty decent also. I like most things Joss Whedon does.

    I never liked the original Star Trek too much Ham and wobbly Aliens. Next Gen was good.

    Star Wars for me.

  • I never liked the original Star Trek too much Ham and wobbly Aliens.


    Too much Ham?
  • Both, for me.

    They are 2 completely different things. Different genres, different formats... different audiences. And each 'of their time'.

  • I always hated Star Trek as a kid but Star Wars was easy to like.

    Will give the new Star Trek on Netflix a go though.
  • Outcast

    I've started it, and like it so far.

    Apparently die-hard Trekkies are unhappy with it (or parts of it...)
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    MrsGrey said:

    I never liked the original Star Trek too much Ham and wobbly Aliens.


    Too much Ham?
    Mr William Shatner is so Hammy he is made of pork... ;porkpie
  • Yeah, I'd heard it was good. Die-hard trekkies, star wars, comic book fans tend to hate everything anyway.
  • I did try a star wars Wookie steak once

    It was a bit chewie

  • Don't BANTHA your words Expat...
  • So what would happen if Chewie met a Dalek... ;hmm

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    What odds in this becoming a pun fest.

    I'll Leia tenner down that it will...
  • A pun Fett, you say ;hmm

    I'll have a Boba two on that ;ok

    (One for the oldies ;biggrin )
  • This thread is like a gndn conduit. (Goes nowhere does nothing)
  • It sure Lukes like it may go that way ;biggrin
  • Hans up who thinks Mooj is right
  • I wonder what Pedro Obi-yang would choose? our force-ful midfielder.
  • Where can you find a Death Star when you need one
  • Not the discussion you were looking for?
  • Where can you find a Death Star when you need one

    There will be three along together in a mo
  • The tribble with these threads is that they never stay on target!
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    Wasnt the original musical score supposed to be done by Darth Punk featuring Jabba Ranks? Or was it the Sith Dimension?

    That should Force the thread into a (Phil Fearon and) Galaxy far, far away
  • There now follows a brief musical interlude:

    (A beautiful voice rather wasted on this particular piece of pap, imo)
  • Star Trek or Star Wars?

    What kind of choice is that? ;nonono

    How can you expect us to choose? ;puzzled
  • Choosebacca Suz.
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