Declan Rice v Mark Noble

As MF, which one would you prefer to see playing?


  • IH u were at the Spurs game, did Noble do that bad to be dropped ;hmm it's just IMO he played well, or is it u think Rice will be more suited to play Swansea ?...
    Or just u think Noble is not good enough?..
  • Noble passed sideways more than backwards and made no real contribution imo. He spends his time back peddling and pointing but never approaches the man with the ball.
    So really I just don't think he's good enough.

    Rice has shown he has a pass, movement and good defensive qualities.
  • If Obiang is fit neither get in, Obiang and Kouyate.
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    To help, I've looked up some of their stats. ;biggrin

    Rice v Noble, H2H, season so far.


    rive v Noble general this season


    rice v nobes defence



    (Note: obviously in some of those games Rice will have been playing in defence rather than MF, so it's not a complete 'like for like' comparison)
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    IronHerb said:

    Noble passed sideways more than backwards

    Your wish is my command. Tottenham stats, in graphic form...

    tott noble psses

    (green is successful, red incomplete passes)
  • IronHerb said:

    He spends his time back peddling and pointing but never approaches the man with the ball.

    And, here we go:

    Tackles (green triangles, 3, all successful), Interception (1 blue triangle), Clearances (1, purple triangle) + Recoveries (12 yellow triangles)

  • Rice over Noble for me.

    But as Yeold says, Obiang and Kouyate are my first choice CM pairing.
  • Obiang is a no brainer.
  • That's a bit harsh ;nonono
  • IronHerb said:

    Obiang is a no brainer.

    I believe you're thinking of someone else...

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    IH ;ok
    Also agree if Cheikh & Pedro both fit then those 2 would be my choice..
    Still think tho both Noble & Rice will play their part this season.
  • Not sure if this is the best place for it, but Declan Rice has been called up to the senior squad for Ireland. ;clap
  • Deserves his chance. ;clap
  • Well deserved Deccers.

    I suspect it may be more to do with making sure he doesn't get an England call further down the line, but I hope he becomes a regular fixture in the Ireland squad.
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    There could be an element of that, but Declan has been very clear where he feels his international loyalties lie, and tbh, we aren't heaving with quality to pick from...
  • I know.

    Andy Townsend has 70 international caps...
  • ;nonono 70 ;nonono
  • Good luck to him - hope he does well and we can hang on to him.
    He needs a new contract - he's on peanuts compared to Reece.
  • Thought they were paying him in taters, not peanuts... ;whistle
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