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CARABAO CUP (League Cup) Other 3rd round matches tonight and 4th ROUND DRAW

So, still in the mix we have

Premier League Teams: Bournemouth, Palace, Leicester, Swansea, Spurs and West Ham

Championship teams: Middlesbrough, Norwich, Bristol City, Wolves, Leeds.

Assuming no cupsets in tonight's games, we'll probably see Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Man U and Man City to be added.

Draw is tonight after the Man U Game, on Sky.

Matches to be played w/c 23 October. (Bookended by our home game against Brighton and our away game against Palace. ;hmm )


  • Wonder if AFC and MUFC get their obligatory "bye" into the next round with easy home draws, let's hope they play each other

    I reckon Boro for us
  • I won't be watching (GBBO catch-up is on the agenda) but I shall be keeping an eye on the BBC text updates and coming on here to make unsporting comments, should any of the big teams get into trouble ;biggrin
  • ;pray lets hope so Mrs Grey
  • Away to Spurs, first tie out
  • Sod's law. Trip to Wembley though
  • We're off to Wemberley Que sera sera ;quaver
  • Twice in a season!!
  • Looks like the standout fixture in Spurs run of games ;lol

    Oct Tue 17 Champions League Real Madrid A 19:45
    Oct Sun 22 Premier League Liverpool H 16:00
    Oct Wed 25 Carabao Cup West Ham H 19.45
    Oct Sat 28 Premier League Man Utd A 12:30
    Nov Wed 01 Champions League Real Madrid H 19:45
  • IH

    To be fair, we have loaned our players out to Real Madrid before. They're our feeder club.
  • Should be a cracking game at Wembley. But man, our luck in cup draws in recent seasons has been dreadful.
  • I hope Slav fields a full strength team as there is no way Spurs will with that fixture pile up around the tie and so should we do so it will even things up a bit and give us a good chance of going through.
  • Usually from this round onwards you start drawing the PL teams so full strength from now apart from the keeper.
  • edited September 2017
    Why can't we ever get Charlton away ;weep
  • Usually from this round onwards you start drawing the PL teams so full strength from now apart from the keeper.

    That is true, but of the fifteen other teams in the draw, I’d have been happy with ten of them.

    Typically, we drew one of the five teams I didn’t want.

    I’m glad Spurs have finally broken their Wembley duck; if they hadn’t then we would absolutely have given it to them, and I’m hoping that they won’t be taking this competition too seriously.
  • edited September 2017
    Suze asks;
    Why can't we ever get Charlton away

    Charlton would have to stay in it beyond the first round to start with Suze ;whistle
  • edited September 2017

    Should be a cracking game at Wembley. But man, our luck in cup draws in recent seasons has been dreadful.

    Looking at the last six seasons, I think it’s fair to say we’ve not had a lot of luck. The 2014-15 season is the only one where we haven’t faced one of the big six.

    LC – Cheltenham, Bolton, Spurs

    LC – Accrington Stanley, Chelsea, Man Utd
    FA – Man City

    LC – Leicester
    FA – Wolves, Liverpool, Blackburn, Man Utd

    LC – Sheff Utd
    FA – Everton, Bristol City, West Brom

    LC – Cheltenham, Burnley, Spurs, Man City
    FA – Nottm Forest

    LC – Crewe, Wigan
    FA – Man Utd
  • I wonder if we will have more fans at Wembley than Spurs...
  • Im going if I can get a ticket hopefully we get a nice big allocation. Spurs have a nice difficult run either side of this game including the Real Madrid champions league games Liverpool the Sat before and Man U the Sat after shame that ;lol
  • I just hope their CL campaign hangs in the balance at the time. It wouldn't do for them to know they are in the next round (or out altogether) before their second RM match.
  • So, from the table above, when we beat Cheltenham we also beat Spurs. ;wahoo

    I'd be surprised if we get a larger allocation for Wembley, not sure the Met would be too keen.
  • And then get thrashed by City @IH
  • Quite possibly. ;lol
  • We must smash them
  • Date confirmed - Weds 25th Oct @ 8pm.
  • surely ours and the Chelsea v Everton will be TV games ?
  • Don't be silly. Man U are away to Swansea. ;bowdown
  • 8pm is TV time. Otherwise it's 7:45pm
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