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International break matches

Ireland have had a shocking first half in Georgia; only consolation is it is 1-1, but O'Neill has to do something to get them playing (beyond 'lump it up to Long'.)


  • Arnautovic playing for Austria now which club does he play for ;biggrin ;biggrin ;biggrin
  • England v Slovakia tonight, win it and they are as good as on the plane to Russia.
  • ;hmm loose it and there not
  • edited September 2017
    ;lol I was still getting the radio tuned in.
  • Phil Neville had just said Gareth Southgate will want a fast start and an early goal.

  • Glenn Twaddle is twaddaling this evening. ;doh
  • Kane 3 passes - 0% successful.

    Spurs still struggling at Wembley.
  • edited September 2017
    That's why I've chosen the radio, suz.

  • or maybe we will lose and not Qualify :D
  • 1-1 now but it's a hard watch...
  • Thought Hart was poor on the goal.
  • Good save just now though ;ok
  • That was class from Rashford.
  • He's a very good player ;ok
  • Alli had such a great game tonight such that the commentators could remember the three good things he contributed. ;lol
  • Didn't know the last round of fixtures, Wales vs Republic of Ireland.

    That will be one tasty match that will be all or nothing in that game.
  • edited September 2017
    Scotland basically need to beat Slovakia and Slovenia. A little help from England to not lose to Slovenia would help their case to. Even after that I am not entirely sure 20 points will be enough for Scotland to go to the playoffs when you look at the points of all the second based teams. But if Scotland do beat Slovakia then that last fixture vs Slovenia is going to be a humdinger.

    Cracking to see Northern Ireland second though, should get to the playoffs with a nice win against Norway unless they pull off the miracle against Germany.
  • Yeold

    Could be that Ireland have already guaranteed 2nd by then... ;pray ;luck
  • That's only if Wales fail to beat Moldova of Georgia though otherwise I cant see Ireland guaranteeing second. Ideally you want Ireland and Wales to win both their matches before the final game where a potential "Draw" could see both teams go through. (I think)
  • edited September 2017
    just checked out the Welsh FA clip of Ben Woodburns goal on Facebook, amazing atmosphere from the Welsh worth watching and a cracking debut goal to boot.
  • Yeold

    Ideally you want Ireland and Wales to win both their matches before the final game
    For a given value of 'you', obviously. ;wink
  • You saying you don't want the Welsh to get to the World Cup ;hmm
  • I'm not bothered.
  • Wales failing to reach the World Cup after reaching the semis of the Euros would be similar to Greece winning Euro 2004 then not qualifying for the 2006 World Cup.

    I'm not bothered who qualifies apart from England
  • Personally would love to see all the Home Nations get there.

    The Northern Irish / Welsh / Irish lit up Euro 2016 in their own ways. Will Griggs / Semi Finals.

    Even after seeing Scotland in the Uruguayan crowd at the last world cup when England played Uruguay still would like to see Scotland go.

    Not bothered if all the home nations (England apart) get tonked out in the group stages mind you but would like to see them at least make it to the World Cup.
  • For me, it would be nice if they did, but if they don't I'm not really fussed.
  • I'm with you here Yeold... whilst I am obviously an England supporter internationally, I always hope the home nations (and Eire) do well. I think it would be great if they all qualified for the World Cup proper. I won't cry if they don't but I think it would be good for our country as a whole (United Kingdom) next summer in a time where so many people are feeling disillusioned.
  • I think it's ;lol ;biggrin ;wahoo ;clap ;whistle that the Dutch are close to missing out again. They need to beat Sweden and make up quite a goal difference to reach the playoff phase. And that is presuming they are among the best runners up.
  • Yeold

    I'm saying I want Ireland to.

    First place looks tricky, so it looks like being a battle for 2nd and possible play-offs.

    In that scenario, I'd love to see Wales 4 points behind Ireland at the last game.

    If it were possible for both teams to go through, that would be fine by me, so long as Ireland make it.
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