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    Think he certainly improves us.

    A forward line of Antonio and Arnie, and assuming Chicarito gets done, and we have a lot of pace up front.
  • Welcome ,and become a legand for us ;scarf
  • Great signing imo.
  • I wasn't particularly bothered by this signing, but with hopefully Getting little Pea, it could be an inspired signing. ;ok welcome Arnie. And good luck.
  • Helps with the creativity that we lost with Payet hopefully he can settle quickly as he has the tools to be a big player for us although I am a bit anxious given his hit and miss style

    Now for Hernandez!!
  • no shirt number yet

    Waiting for No7 or No11 to become free I reckon
  • Not overly excited but I note that the OS is full of stats for his goal scoring abilities eg.
    "The Austrian produced the goods regularly in the Bundesliga, scoring 16 goals and assisting 13 more in just 84 appearances..."
    "Arnautovic helped Stoke to three ninth-place finishes, with the Vienna-born forward scoring 26 times and registering 32 assists in 146 games.."
    He takes more than 5 games to hit the net so not a striker but it seems with the OS emphasis he is one of our striker signings for the summer.

    We need Hernandez desperately!!
  • He's an Attacker apparently ;hmm
  • Well most of the Stoke fans seen to sorry to see him go and most of the others you can taste the sour grapes...

    He has an X factor, hoping Slav can coach that out of him more consistently than sparky....
  • Welcome ;clap
  • He is an attacking player, Imo, but not a forward.
  • He is an attacking player, Imo, but not a forward.

    He'll play on the left of a front three.

    Hernandez will be the first of two strikers, IMO, but the second striker won't come until late in the window. Who knows, Bats may still be loaned, or we may go in for Gray if not.

    As for Arnautovic, I'm pleased he's here. I think he can do on the left what Antonio has been doing on the right, and if we do get Hernandez over the line we could have a front line that not many defences would look forward to facing.
  • 'Record fee' is 24m, according to The Guardian.
  • So we are starting to be like Bayern Munich, buying the best players of our direct competitors.
  • In today's world, that is not a record that will stand for long, I am surprised that there has been little comment on the sum being bounded around for Neymar by PSG.

    195m and 750k a week, I realize that nothing is verified but it only has to be half true to be ridiculous.

    The world has truly gone bonkers
  • Is £195 a lot in a multi billion pound industry? ;hmm
  • BBC say £20m rising to £24 for Arne.
  • Herb, fantastic reporting...

    first paragraph: West Ham have signed Stoke City and Austria forward Marko Arnautovic for a club record £20m,

    Last paragraph: The Hammerspreviously broke their record last summer when they signed Andre Ayew from Swansea for £20.5m.

    ;doh ;lol
  • ;lol I'm sure we recruit ex BBC into our media team.
  • What a signing ;clap

    Can't wait to see him play. Just what we need IMO, a direct winger with pace.
  • Also a high level of technique/skill which we've been missing ( Lanzini apart) in the final third. Ok, we've been missing more than that in the final third. Stuff like chances and goals ;whistle

    I agree with the 'once we get Antonio back on the other wing' brigade. Both have different and dangerous qualities for us.

    Arnautovic IMO will improve us plenty in skill level, chances created + goal threat areas.

    Glad we signed him. Thought Stoke might have stopped the deal and demanded more for him in todays financial climate as he'd only recently signed a contract.
  • In all honesty I've not seen him much due to rarely watching Stoke, just the odd MOTD or when they've played us. However as always he looks great on youtube! He seems technically very good, happy to use both feet (though generally shoots with his right), and has a decent turn of pace. I like that he appears to attack and drive forward at every opportunity and he dribbles well. Stoke fans generally seem disappointed to lose him which of course is a good sign. Some of them complain that he could be too selfish, yet one of the best things that the stats the club website show is that as well as having scored 26 goals in his four seasons at Stoke he also has made 32 assists.

    For me LW/LAM was an area most needed for recruitment after CF and RB for this summer and I'm glad to be bringing in someone who it seems will fit straight into the first 11, with proven premiership pedigree. I've never liked Lanz pushed wide, I want him central controlling the game; Ant, Feg, and Snod all seem to prefer the right side (although I think Ant is decent left side too); and Ayew has flattered to deceive a bit (though I'm hoping can be more successful this coming season). Initially the speculated price seems heavy for a 28 year old, but these days money has gone mental so it's probably a fair deal now! Hoping for some 'baller' moments and some extra creativity (and a few goals) from this lad.

    Welcome to West Ham United Arnie! COYI
  • Lol I thought someone wouldve said 'baller' by now... I think he is one ;footie
  • Decent signing, will improve us imo.

    20-24m lot of money but that's the way it is now. I thought Ayew was a little over priced and feel the same here.

    Anyway I think they'll both have an affect this season.
  • It's a lot of money until you remember that Nathan Ake just went for £20m and Man City have dropped £125m on fullbacks
  • That's city, their tea lady is on 50k a week
  • I bet her tea is too fluid and weak.
  • I bet her tea is too fluid and weak.

    Bet she serves Lipton.

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