Angelo Ogbonna (signs new 5-year deal) Interview



  • ;wahoo good news at last
  • Brilliant
  • and the new shirt (narrowly avoided Freudian typo) even looks good on him!
  • "We are Moore than [a] club; we are [a] family." Wow the guys on script!
  • 3 little ducks and 1 giant egg went swimming one day.... ;quaver
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    Nice to see our players get long contracts, securing them for the team. Really not sure about that new shirt number however...
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    lot of people on social media saying Ogbonna's our best defender, best CB... Seems a nice lad and has had some good moments for us, but Reid is far more consistent and our best CB and defender by a long way, IMO.

    would like to see Ogbonna and Reid starting together, though, and for Oggie to get more consistent and forge a great long-term partnership with Reidy. Fonte still got work to do to prove his worth and if we play 3 at the back a lot, we may be in for a tricky season - can Collins keep up his great form? Look forward to seeing Oxford come back in a year's time and take his place alongside Reid and Ogbonna...
  • Personally don't rate him highly, he is very average imo. Reid seems to bail him out alot.
  • I think 5 years is a great deal for him but not necessarily the club. He will be 34 at the end of this contract and I am not sure why a three year deal would not have been better for us. He is likely on his biggest wage that he is going to command in his career and I wonder if we would likely be getting a return for that wage in the last two years of this contract. He could surprise and still be a first choice in four years time but perhaps more likely not be and yet commanding a first team wage.

    I would have secured him for the next three with an extension and offer a further extension in two years time depending on his form and of course his recovery from this injury. Happy with the player but not necessarily the deal.
  • Maybe, the deal is as long as it is to add some value to him if he has a good couple of seasons.. seems there was some interest in him from Italy already this summer...
  • maybe he had a release clause too low in his existing contract and we wanted to up it
  • I'd rather we would have kept Tomkins
  • Think he's a superior player to Tomkins tbf

    Tomkins has the bit of Collins about him in he makes cracking blocks that make him look class but it's often because he has been beaten that he's had to make these blocks

    Ogbonna has a lot of qualities and think he is more comfortable in a back 3 as he likes to pull out wide

    Something looked wrong with him this year so the injury wasn't a huge surprise when it came out

    I agree think this is a plot to add value if they want to sell him in a year or 2
  • I'd have rather kept Tomkins than signed Fonte, but Oggy is a very good CB and could be a top class partnership either Reid for the next 3-4 years while Burke/Oxford/Rice develop
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    Problem with Tonks was that he wanted to go. So not so much a case of a choice over the three.

    Fonte is a very good CB, and a leader. Tomkins was always an inconsistent performer and always looked out of his depth to me when he partnered Reid in the PL (almost like he couldn't keep up to Reid's standard), looked better with Ginge. I liked Tomkins but he's hardly shone at Palace.

    When we finished 7th, Reid and Oggy were decided upon as our best pairing, and we finished two wins off the Champions League places. So can see why they've rewarded him.
  • Luke


    Not saying we should have kept him if he wanted out, just that my preference in a fantasy world of him over Fonte
  • Arnie will obviously get all the headlines but Ogbonnas form under Moyes has been just as important for our revival

    He seems to suit playing in the middle of a back 3 and being fully fit shows, there was a reason he played for Juventus and he's been a huge asset for us. Also worth noting that for the past 3 or 4 years it's been a pretty straight forward for Reid to be called our best Cb but Ogbonna has surpassed him this season

    That is one concern though, we've yet to really see both players do well on the pitch together, perhaps they just aren't a good partnership

    Reid looks pretty poor in a back 3 but imo excels in a back 2 whereas it seems the opposite for Ogbonna

    Hoping that Moyes can get the best out of both when Reid returns
  • Has given some masterclass lesson in defending since Moyes came in. Will never beat Collins as my favorite, but has moved above Reid for sure.
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    The problem is Reid likes a back two (IMO), but is better on the left. If Ogbonna partners him, he has to play on the left as he is left footed, moving Reid to the right. Ogbonna is better in a back 3, so unless Reid can adapt to that RCB role in a back 3 it’s going to be difficult getting the best out of both. But then again, Winston seems to miss 3 games for every match he plays.

    Ogbonna has been excellent since Moyes has come in. I think he plays well with Collins too, but also Collins plays well with Reid as well. I wouldn’t rule out Moyes getting the best out of Reid like Sam did. But we need to get him fit for more than two games on the spin. I still rate Reid as our best defender and I like the fact he has a level of loyalty to the club; 7/8 years service.

    But I certainly feel Ogbonna has really improved over the last 3 months. I was never convinced by him but I am now impressed by his calmness and decision-making. Previously those two things used to be his biggest flaws, IMO. I would agree that he is currently our best CB.
  • Lukerz said:

    The problem is Reid likes a back two (IMO), but is better on the left.

    I agree with this, that he prefers the left. That's why I can't understand how he's never been tried on the left of the back three.

    Collins - Ogbonna - Reid
  • Always rated Ogbonna, He is now showing the required consistency.
  • Splendid news
    Someone likes West Ham,
    Goood news for us alll
  • I must be one of the few that thinks he is still a very average CB.
  • Yeold, no you're not
  • I definitely did agree, but since Moyes has been here I think he's been significantly better.
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    He has improved but I still have major doubts, he wins things in the air most of the time but he still lacks the half yard of pace and his positional play I think is rather poor in his game overall. I just don't think he offers to us as a CB anything much different to what we already have at the club. I think if we want to move to the "next level" or build a foundation where we can make our play from defence to midfield to striker more smoother, then I don't think he is a CB that is going to offer that and I don't think he is going to improve much beyond his current level to suggest he can become that player.

  • Quicker than our other centre backs, and one of the best tackles you will ever see.
  • Well apart from that. ;lol
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