Nordveit has left - transferred to Hoffenheim

Confirmed by the club

Shame it didn't work out, but I wish him good luck ;luck


  • Oh well we got a fee for him as well he never really got a run in his favoured position but wish him all the best
  • So that's now 5 of last summers loans and freebies gone.

    Quality not quantity is what we need.
  • Wasn't a player that looked like he would take us to the next level. Hopefully they have an adequate replacement for him unless Cullen is making the step up.
  • Real shame that.

    Will Cullen step up now I wonder? ;hmm
  • Looked half decent in the very few games he got as a holding midfielder... never would displace obiang though so would always be on the bench...
  • He's straight out inferior to Obiang and Kouyate and lacks the passing of Noble

    Cullen and Fernandes are 2 really right prospects at CM so this move makes sense

    Made profit on him (maybe, dunno owhat the fee is) so not all bad

    Would like to know how much he sold for
  • Sky reckon £8m
  • On Kumb that Cullen is considered ready to make the step up, and be given a 'big boys' contract, making the Nordveit descision easier.
    Hope its true ;ok
  • So was Oxford. ;hmm
  • Sky reckon £8m

    Ex reckons it's nearer to £5m with conditional add-ons
  • Nordtveit was Hitzlsperger without the injury; a good player in the Bundesliga but couldn't transfer his form to the Premier.

    Hoffenheim finished 4th so he'll get Champions League next season
  • £5mil isn't a lot but it's still profit and he was probably on decent wages (£40k odd)

    I'm happy enough with this deal especially if it helps us keep Obiang/Kouyate

    Obiang, Kouyate, Noble, Fernandes and Cullen next year seems alright for me especially given Lanzini and Ayew can play CM
  • It's a good deal all round - he and West Ham were not a good fit for each other. It's not often we sell a player for more than we buy them for so it's a great outcome - assuming it goes towards investing in the positions we really need
  • Rumours we are offering Obiang a new contract so we have some extra wages to offer him now Nordviets gone ;thumbsup
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