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New football laws - So crazy it might just work

My first discussion creation!

I saw the above article on the BBC and thought it's quite interesting what Ifab will be discussing.

I've always thought that Basketball, American football and Rugby had it right in terms of stopping the clock when the ball goes out of play.

Time wasting is definitely a pet peeve of mine (obviously everyone does it, including us) and this would stop that. We would still get exciting moments at the end of games as well.

Whether this would ever happen - I'm not so sure. It would change a fundamental part of the game. Thoughts?


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    I seem to remember they tried playing 60 minutes with the clock stopped when the ball is dead somewhere - maybe in the USA - and on average matches lasted 90 minutes.

    It would make delaying goal kicks etc. pointless.
  • When I first read it I thought 'there's no way this would happen', but on reflection I think it could have some validity.

    Certainly one to keep an eye on.
  • I had to look at the date as i thought it was april the 1st.
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    This is all to do with making refereeing easier. If they did their jobs e.g. book a keeper in the first 10 minutes for time wasting and not leave it until the 85th minute, then we wouldn't need to change much imo.

    Let's have it that you need to take goal kicks and throw ins in 10 seconds or they are reversed. Lets have players treated while the game remains in progress. The ref can make the calls on these where the injury is deemed serious etc.

    Also this is around TV requirements imo. With SKY having issues placing additional games in a couple of years time a 1 hour game would allow for 3 Sunday games, 2 Saturday evening games etc.

    Leave my football alone!
  • IronHerb said:

    Leave my football alone!

    Football has never been left alone, we've had the back pass rule, 3 points for a win instead of 2, the various alterations to offside, the ever increasing number of substitutes, etc. Football today has very little in common with football as it was in 1863 because its always been developing.
  • Watched a bit of a game from the mid 90s forget that only 3 subs were aloud...
  • It really was not that long ago that just one sub was allowed and keepers were restricted to six steps.

  • The clock countdown is obvious to me. I tried it with a stopwatch during a Stoke match, and yes they wasted around 30 of the 90 minutes. And what's wrong with making reffing easier? Like the goal-line technology, no-one can argue pointlessly with a machine. The other idea I like, also used for decades in other sports, is the sin-bin. But what about making the offside law easy to enforce and easier on attacking play? Sorry, I needed a rant... ;whistle
  • ;hmm I argue all the time with a machine ,bank machines, cold call machines,in fact nearly everone I phone I get a machine and I argue with most of them does a computer count as a machine because I really argue with that a lot . thing is its only one way and like with my wife I never win ;weep
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