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Final games - 6 of the best or a proper caning?

Previous thread:

Having collected a miserable 5 points, I think it is safe to assume no one was satisfied.

Last 6 games:

Sunderland v West Ham
West Ham v Everton
Stoke v West Ham
West Ham v Tottenham
West Ham v Liverpool
Burnley v West Ham

What do you feel is the minimum points we need to get to make you think 'fair enough'?

I'd be disappointed if we take less than 8.

Remember, this isn't a prediction thread, or even a 'what you think we might get' thread. Looking at those games, for example, I might see us getting over 8, but anything less would be a disappointment.

The question is: what is the least number of points you feel would be acceptable at the end of these fixtures taking into account who we are playing?


  • I think anything less than 6 points would be a disappointment.

    However, I don't think we will get that many. I can see us beating Sunderland, but I don't look at any of the other games and think we will win. Maybe a draw or two, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see us get maybe 4 points.

    I think the rest of the season will be a bit of a bust, and hopefully we regroup in the summer and come back better.
  • Looking forward to this season being over tbh ;hmm

    Sunderland v West Ham - 3
    West Ham v Everton - 0
    Stoke v West Ham - 1
    West Ham v Tottenham - 0
    West Ham v Liverpool - 0
    Burnley v West Ham - 1

    Dread to think what Spurs, Everton and Liverpool will do to us at the 'London stadium' - we've done just enough to stay up. Big summer ahead....
  • I'm hoping that being safe will mean the pressure is off a little and we suddenly start to play like we can, but probably not
  • I'll be disappointed with less than 7.
  • I'd be disappointed with less than none. ;biggrin
  • I'd just be happy with 3 points against Sunderland
  • 3 points against Sunderland and staying up.
  • With Mrs G on this; anything less than 7 and I'd be disappointed (taking the fixtures on face value).

    But the truth is, if we onlt get four more points and stay in the league, then I'd be happy.

    But as Twist says, big summer ahead...
  • Stay up, beat spurs, sorted
  • These games have loss written all over them
  • I agree with Twist be happy when this season has finished its been terrible

    if we get more than 5 like the last run of games I would be surprised .

    settle for 6 points and a holiday .
  • My expectations have taken rather a battering of late so I'd be happy with 7 points. Okay with 6 but disappointed with anything less. (To be honest I'd be happy with three if they were against Spurs ;wink ).

  • 6 points, with three of them coming from Sunderland away and the other three from draws.

    This would be enough points to keep Slav in charge but also hopefully make the owners back him with enough transfer funding to get a quality fullback, striker and a couple of other quality players.
  • The owners have given plenty of backing

    £30m being accepted for bacca being an example.

    Seemingly some targets didn't actually want to come that was the problem - bats and bacca being examples.

    What arrived through the door both cheaply and at a higher cost has proved to be not good enough
  • Taking into account who wee area playing and probably more importantly, how we are playing, I would be happy to see us take 7 points, really disappointed with 5 or less.

  • Wee area playing ;nonono
  • 9 points not 1 less. DOCTOR where are my meds!
  • Wee area playing ;nonono

    It's away. ;ok

    (When we are at home it's big area playing).
  • Hopefully more, but can't see us getting more than 5.
  • Looking at the fixtures there is no reason to expect we should lose any IF we had a full strength side for each game. Remember though we are West Ham and anything can happen...
  • Out of those teams I only fear everlukakuton and spurs. Liverpool are beatable ;scarf
  • Maybe we could rustle up another east end lasagne and send it to the spuds? ;wink
  • Given the injuries we are wracking up again, I would be happy with 4 or 5 to struggle over the line an survive the relegation threat .......
  • Win at Sunderland and we can forget any concerns about relegation until we play Everton the week after. ;biggrin
  • pessimists -18
  • 14 points, finish the season on a bit of a high.
  • edited April 2017
    Moojor said:

    14 points, finish the season on a bit of a high.

    Sounds like you've got a head start on that! ;wink
  • 19 points ;ok
  • edited April 2017
    3 points... ;nonono well that's not good... 39 points should be enough... ;hmm ;pray

    Sunderland v West Ham - 1
    West Ham v Everton - 0
    Stoke v West Ham - 1
    West Ham v Tottenham - 0
    West Ham v Liverpool - 0
    Burnley v West Ham - 1
  • Moojor said:

    14 points, finish the season on a bit of a high.

    Sounds like you've got a head start on that! ;wink
    I am currently on diazepam and tramadol for a trapped nerve and back that might have something to do with it.

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