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Interesting comment on c&hugh about Ashley Fletcher. Maybe she'd light on why he wasn't played much. Hopefully see more of him now.


  • Hants

    Could you give a link, or a brief summary?

    The gist of it is that we've agreed a price for Fletcher with Man Utd, rather than it going to a tribunal. I think the suggestion may be that he's deliberately not been played much to keep the price down.
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  • So Fletcher not playing again today. My guess is although a price has been agreed, the transaction hasn't completed yet. So, Bilic is still not playing him.

    I wonder if Fletcher even warms up in the second half of games? I'll try to look out for this in our remaining home games (although I'm on the other side of the pitch).

    Of course I have no actual clue what's going on!
  • No-one does Adam, and I suspect that's why most of us so frustrated with it. If there is an issue with money then why have him on the bench at all?

    Seems to me that's he's only been there lately because of the lack of options in that department. To be behind Calleri in the pecking order must be galling.
  • the fee shouldn't be a problem they signed him, and he is a better player than Calleri
  • It looks like Bilic doesn't agree.
  • I think there is something up as he got minutes at the start of the season

    Yes e was mostly used off the bench but he did get minutes

    Now when we have 1 (misfiring) striker he can't even get a second on the pitch
  • It'll be something to do with the deal the daves did. Never in their wildest dreams having signed Zaza and Calleri and having Sakho and ac did they think 2 of them would be rubbish and two permanently injured so that they would actually need to play him. The Dave's are playing the odds and reckon we are safe and have no interest IMO in triggering more fees just to increase our position by a place or two

  • The Dave's are playing the odds and reckon we are safe and have no interest IMO in triggering more fees just to increase our position by a place or two

    Surely that can't be the case, with how tight the table is and the £1m+ for each extra place. A win today woulda seen us move up at least 4 places in the table, no way could add ons on a £1m fee be worth more than £4m.
  • £2m a place in the Prem.
  • I agree with the above comments: it still makes no sense financially. In footballing terms, it makes less than zero sense: now is the time to give him an extended run. I'm amazed he sounds so positive after the way he's been treated. Fernandez and Callieri (not to mention Zzzzaza) have had their chances, why not Fletcher?
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    Incredible that he's sat on the bench and we could potentially go with Calleri for the remaining games, not score a goal and end up sucked into a relegation scrap. All for the sake of a few quid.
  • Hang on. This fee business - it's only speculation, right?
  • Yes....but if it's not true then Slav has serious questions to answer
  • Well, Slav sees both of them in training, so he has more info on which to base his decision than I do.

    (And until there's evidence, I'll just disbelieve the 'saving a few quid' speculation.)
  • He isn't going to sign Calleri... so makes zero sense what decision he is making. He could give the youth (Fletcher) a chance in the last few games with no fit striker. But instead gives it to a guy who couldn't hit a barn door and will be booking his flight back to Argentina / Uruguay or wherever at the end of the month.
  • Although, Yeold, it was reported recently that SB is considering making the Calleri deal permanent, which could give a reason as to why he's giving him game time ahead of Fletcher; maybe he's seeing these last few games as an extended trial ;hmm
  • But what has Fletcher done to make him the second coming? I don't really see it, at this time.
  • Not missed 5 sitters for a start.
    We're no way signing Calleri on a perm they would never be able to justify it.
  • IronHerb said:

    But what has Fletcher done to make him the second coming? I don't really see it, at this time.

    If he's worse than Calleri then fair enough but im not sure that is possible.

    When he got a few chances before Christmas i thought he looked really good. Something must have gone on behind the scenes.
  • He scored at United but hasn't created anything and didn't threaten the opposition. I appreciate its early in his career but he didn't pull any trees up in his brief appearances.
  • When i saw him live, he impressed me.

    No one is saying he's world class or the 'second coming'
  • Something must have gone on behind the scenes.




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