Intensity in training

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Heard a few rumblings lately about the lack of intensity in our training ground sessions. Jaap Stam brought it up as a reason why Oxford hasn't been ready for a start yet during his loan period at Reading. And Slav isn't happy about it.
So, do you think there's any truth in it given our recent lacklustre performances or just a storm about nothing?


  • horsham - did you hear any rumblings BEFORE it was mentioned in the context of Oxford? ;hmm

    Or is it a reaction to that comment (and none of us know whether or not it has been reported in the way it was meant). The comment 'he was surprised by it' could mean he thought that because it was a lower level club the training would be at a lower level than a Pl club.

    And are the rumblings coming from anyone who has genuine 1st hand knowledge of what goes in in training?

    Since I personally have no idea what goes on in the training , I can't really comment on what the truth might be.

    I will leave that up to the experts. ;wink
  • PS - I've just amended the thread title to make its topic clearer. ;ok
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    Fuller interview/report on Jaap Stam here.

    Maybe, since he says it was due to the training regime that Oxford injured his hamstring in the first place and setting him back in his fitness, they ought to adapt the intensity as appropriate. ;doh
  • Pretty sure Valentin was critical when he left for Everton.
  • Valentin left for Valencia? ;nonono

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