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Fantasy West Ham Team

I was thinking about this the other night. There are some players who we would love to see play, or at least accept that they are one of the best in their position. Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Kane etc.
I started picking names for each position to imagine a "perfect" West Ham team, but there were some positionsns which I just couldn't substitute -e.g. there are better central defenders than Winston Reid around, but Winston is "West Ham". For the same irrational and unfounded reason, I had a problem replacing Andy Carroll, who I would not bet on against Lewandowski in a Top Trumps game.

So, how would your Dream West Ham Team look? It can consist only of players who are currently active. I'm sure that everyone here will have three or four players who keep their place -the question is who?


  • shf - 'players currently active' but at their current ability or at their peak? Couple of mid 30's players who I could easily put in at their mid/late 20's skill level...
  • "I'm sure that everyone here will have three or four players who keep their place -the question is who?"

    Pedro Mba Obiang ;ok
  • - - - - - - - - De Gea - - - - - - - -
    Bellerin - Reid - Kouyate - Alaba
    - - - Obiang - - - Lanzini - - -
    Antonio - - D.Silva - - Hazard
    - - - - - - - - Aguero - - - - - - - -

    Not the best team but they are my favourite players atm

    Lanzini, Kouyate, Antonio, Obiang and Reid I just couldn't drop

    David silva and Aguero are my favourite prem players, loved them since they came to England...and hazard is the best player in the league now

    Alaba is class, couldn't think of many Right backs but De Gea is the best keeper in the world so he makes my team
  • Neuer
    Alves, Reid, Ramos, Cresswell
    Modric, Lanzini
    De Bruyne, Silva, Messi
  • Neuer
    Meunier Reid Ramos Alaba
    Kante Kroos Rabiot
    Lanzini Bale
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