Andy Carroll

Great interview with Jamie Redknapp asking the questions (in the Mail...)

Of his younger Newcastle days:

I scored another good one for Newcastle against Liverpool in a 3-1 win, but I remember that more for the night out after! My mates were in the stand and I climbed straight into their box, got changed and we walked to the pub. They were showing the goal. The whole place erupted, we were jumping up and down too. We didn't have to pay for drinks that night! It was good, man…



  • Good article, that ;ok The penny seems to have finally dropped with him and hopefully we'll see the benefit of that over the next few years
  • That's a great article, thanks Grey.

  • I enjoyed that ;ok

    One thing though, Daily Mail interviews / articles always just seem to stop. They never seem to wrap them up at all, you're just suddenly looking at clickbait.
  • I always laugh at his gung-ho ness.

    He loves a good battle.
  • Intersting to see if hie 'new' ways keeps him more available than before.
  • Herb

    You'd hope so.

    It seems clear that, at the least, he is paying more attention to advice he is getting, and is being more proactive in trying to do things which reduce the chance of an injury.
  • He sounds a lot more settled in his private life and has clearly matured. He has learnt by his mistakes, which I think is all you can ask.
  • Great interview that. Hope he is here for years to come and finishes his career with us. And if he wants to go into coaching then I can`t think of many better to coach our future forwards in 10 years time. ;scarf ;footie ;wahoo
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    Apparently, the Payet mural at the stadium has been removed. It is going to be replaced with Carroll 9 and image of his overhead kick/goal against Palace.
  • Personally, I would prefer they had ex players only. It's asking for trouble otherwise, imo.
  • Agree. Or maybe Nobes. He's never going to let us down.
  • You won't get a very good mural of Nobe's flying through the air though. Maybe one of him getting booked or scoring a pen though ;hmm
  • Plenty of him flying low to the ground, though.
  • I quite like his 'sitting on the ground looking pleadingly at the ref, with both arms raised'. Big boys stole my lunch and pushed me over.
  • Out of context that picture is amazing ;lol
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    Andy Carroll the type of geezer every Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning pub team needs.

    15 years I was involved in both of those types of football, I'd of paid his registration and his subs, plus all his Essex FA fines he'd of racked up for telling the ref off and got him his first beer in the bar afterwards.

    First name on the teamsheet.......always got the nicest orange and the shorts that fitted properly.


    (Actually I did do that for a season with a player, had trials with WHU as it happens and was light years ahead of his time)

  • Interesting that he bigs up Noble so much... ;whistle
  • It's 'cause he gets a ;hug
  • Great Article actually learnt something about him than just the normal football cliches.

    He is obviously a bit shy when looking at his size / beard / general playing style you think the opposite.

    It reminds me again how much of sport is between the ears.
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    It reminds me again how much of sport is between the ears.

    I liked Obiang's comment in his interview about how, Spain was about technique, Italy about tactics, but in England it's just who wants it more a lot of the time. We need players like AC and Nobes who will just go hell for leather no matter the situation.
  • Well, a trot for leather in Nobes case. ;wink
  • I like it, especially with the Ashton comment...

  • Although that bottom right comment is going to bug me forever. ;weep
  • Yeah, why have they put that up!
  • scraping the barrel for quotes tbh. I agreee with a previous commenrt that they shouldn't have curreent players up there. Anyone care to suggest who (from the past) it should have been? Martin Peters would get my vote
  • I don't like Martin Peters because I went to school with his granddaughter and she said she would be my girlfriend if I gave her my Pokémon card for her favourite one called Ninetails so I have her it and then she still wouldn't go out with me and went home instead.

    So on that basis, I suggest moments like Di Canio's volley, Carlton's steamy head, Ashton's bicycle kick.
  • ;deadhorse
  • Alderz
    I can quite understand what you mean about M Peters. Very sane reason for not rating him a West ham hero. In other news, I'm a banana. ;lol
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