Tentative toe in the Twitter water

We'll see what happens.

You can find us at @whu6061 @whu606forum (whu606 was already used.)

Any ideas/suggestions/tips feel free to post them here.


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    whu6061 sounds too weird ;weep

    is #whu606_forum / #whu606forum not available ? or does that sound too informal ;hmm
  • Yeold

    Wasn't really thinking, as it gave me the username whu606 without any trouble. It was only when the account came up that I saw we didn't have whu606.

    Does it make much odds, only I've added some tweets already.
  • Never mind, turns out it is easy to change.

    @whu606forum it is.
  • Does that make you an ITK now? ;wink
  • Not yet.

    First I have to read what someone else reckons, or read a gossip item, then put it out as an exclusive. ;biggrin
  • WHU606 ITK ;cool we do have Rav for deadline day also.
  • ;whistle
  • Following with bated breath.

  • Suze ;ok

    Feel free to chime in if the mood strikes.
  • So when do we get the foraging thumb into facebook ;hmm
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  • Amazing what a bit of Twitter action can do to a site's Google rating.

    In 4 days our rank in a search for 'west ham forum' went from around 10 - 12 (just on the 2nd page) to 3rd, just behind KUMB.

    If members with Twitter accounts could occasionally re-tweet something from our account (but only if you think it re-tweet-worthy) that would help to get the Twitter account a bit more attention.
  • Be prepared for abuse, that is what normally happens on Twitter right?
  • Preston

    Could be, but I think that happens more if you are a celebrity target. Mostly, the account is for promoting threads on here, or light-hearted musings.

    Shouldn't be too hard to block twonks if they overstep the mark.
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    This is what worries me, preston. ;weep

    That anybody who has been banned might see it as a chance to re-fight old battles.

    What every single person (and there aren't that many) in that banned category (as opposed to folks who just left the site because they found it wasn't really for them) has in common is that they have either (a) never accepted that anything they did was wrong, or (b) held their hands up on occasion to earn a 2nd (and 3rd, 4th, 5th etc) chance but in the end just carried on in their own sweet (incompatible with site standards) way.

    I'm hoping that it won't all end in tears. ;sofa

  • It won't, as we've learned that appeasement just encourages aggression.

    If someone tweets something offensive, they will be blocked, rather than reasoned with.
  • Afraid I don't do Twitter as it just didn't work for me, but good luck with this anyway ;ok
  • So when do we get the foraging thumb into facebook ;hmm

    Just don't go there..... ;doh
  • You might get the odd troll but that is what the block button is for.
  • C&B


    To explain a bit:

    it's not so much to attract new users (although they are always welcome) as to raise the profile of the forum.

    I know I often have a gander at other teams' forums when we are due to play them, and assume other fans do the same. (Like most people, I suspect, I just type 'team name' + 'forum' in Google.)

    By raising our Google rating, we are more likely to be seen by other fans.

    I think our take on things is different enough to merit the effort.
  • I agree with that.
  • Retweeting I am.
  • Grateful I am!

    Cheers, Suze ;ok
  • I refuse to be a Twitter..its an absurd title, personal view....and like someone above says, your a target for abuse...
  • Not always and only by a few.
  • Ironduke

    No reason you should be on it, but there are lots of people on there having fun.

    I'm a Danny Baker aficionado, and his feed is lots of fun, and part of the reason I decided to take the plunge.
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