Running for Charity (Médecins Sans Frontières UK)


I am running a 10k to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières (UK) to support the fantastic work they do, providing medical aid to people affected by war, epidemics and disasters.

The event is the Great London Newham Run (snappy title!) on 17th July.

The course goes around the Queen Elizabeth Park and ends inside the Olympic Stadium. ;scarf ;wahoo

If you would like to support them too, you can sponsor me in my run.

I have a just giving page here

Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. ;hug


  • Have donated. Good luck on your run
  • ;clap
    Good Luck MrsGrey.
  • Thanks for the good wishes and the donations ;hug ;hug

  • Good luck ;clap
  • Cheers, Ham.

    There's still time to enter ;biggrin
  • Err... think I'm washing my hair ;run
  • Have fun with it ;ok
  • I'll try ;lol

    Thank you very much for your donation. ;hug coyi
  • Good luck lady.

    May pop along to ;clap ;clap you and the other runners.
  • Thanks suz. (for the good wishes and the donation)

    I'll give you a ;wave if I see you.

  • Apparently, while anyone can stand along the course to watch, there are restrictions on going into the stadium (where the finish line is).

    Runners (I'm told) get 2 free passes for their friends/family to go into the OS.

    If this is correct (I haven't had my runner's pack yet) I will probably only need 1.

    So the other one will be spare.

    If anyone would like it, let me know. But please be sure you will use it. (Don't just take it 'on the off chance', I mean.)

  • Just donated to your worthy cause....good luck on the day. ;ok
  • Mike - thank you very much! ;wheelie

  • Last training session done.

  • Mrs Grey
    When is the race?
  • edited July 2016
    Sunday morning, Dee. ;thumbsup

    I'm hoping it goes OK. I picked up a virus that knocked me out or a couple of days last weekend, and my long training run on Monday was a bit ;nonono ;weep

    Flying to UK in the morning ;nolan
  • edited July 2016
    Safe journey tomorrow and lots
    of ;luck for Sunday. You can check out the West Hamifications first hand at the finish!

  • Yes! That's partly why I decided to do it ;scarf

    The run/event is also encouraging runners to wear their team colours, so I'll be cheering on my fellow runners in C+B. I'll be wearing my sponsors vest, though.

    Might strike a crossed hammers pose on the finish line ;biggrin
  • So will you be cheering Villa or Burnley runners Mrs Grey. ;hmm
  • don't get interviewed about Brexit, there are enough of those dressed in C+B on tape already, or maybe you could "re-dress" the balance
  • Good Luck Mrs G. Enjoy the day.
  • Good Luck MrsGrey. Hope you have a wonderful run! ;clap
  • Enjoy the run tomorrow. In my experience the atmosphere is addictive.
  • Have a great race and soak up the brilliant atmosphere ;hug ;luck
  • Go for it lady!!

    No running to this.

    Proper impressed.

    ;clap ;bowdown
  • Ta everybody. Have just seen whu fans walking g through Stratford in the new home shirt.

    quite exciting.

    Good luck also to everhopeful who is also running tomorrow.
  • All the best Mrs G. Smash it!
  • ;run


  • ;luck ;luck ;luck
  • stadium shop ;wahoo
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