YoungCastleSwift - A West Ham Fan Conundrum

Earlier this week I became a father for the first time. Proud doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.


Question is; do I raise him as a West Ham fan? Part of me wants to, if only to continue the family tradition, but then part of me wouldn't wish the level of pain and heartache that comes with the territory on anyone ;lol

Your help required!


  • OCS,

    Congratulations on the birth of your son.

    Since before the day West Ham United Football Club came into existence a member of my family has supported them. It has become a tradition. Both my children now follow them. I was fortunate to be able to take my son to see Upton Park before we moved and the whole family have been to the London Stadium. The joy of winning makes up for the heartache although over many years there has been too much of the latter. ;weep
  • Congrats mate ;thumbsup

    Valuable life skills learnt in the process of supporting West Ham. Will stand him in good stead. You don’t always get what you want & have to deal with set backs.

    Well that was the spiel my dad gave me, anyway.
  • Congratulations OCS.

    As the saying goes 'a problem shared is a problem halved.'
    He's gonna be a Hammer, no doubt about it.
  • Congrats OCS. ;clap
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    OCS, first of all congratulations to you and your wife/partner and may he be the first of many. ;clap ;wink

    If you don't raise him as a Hammer, he'll never forgive you, whereas if you do raise him as a Hammer, he'll never forg... ohh ;lol
  • Congrats OCS really pleased for you. 100% raise him as a hammer. Otherwise think of all the abuse he'll give you when his team constantly beats yours.
  • congrats, my son was a junior hammer before i registered his name :)
  • Congrats to you both
  • OCS ;champagne

    We've all suffered, no reason for the little one not to either ;biggrin

    My little girl and my grandson are West Ham through and through, so I must have done something right ;biggrin
  • congrats, and power to your elbow. Spread the West Ham Way, raise him a Hammer. They will provide entertainment and drama for his lifetime. Even my Dayak wife now prefers watching West Ham on the telly!
  • Congrats!

    I made sure I had a photo of my boy in full Hammers kit at an age before he even knew what football was. I figured, as we lived in West London (my Dads from the East End but we moved when I was little), he shouldnt have the heartache I've had to live with for the majority of my 40 plus years supporting WHU but could decide for himself (without too much influence).

    When old enough to know football he followed his step brother into being a Man Utd glory hunter (which obviously wasnt my choice!).

    As seasons went by and Man Utd won something every year, I noticed that older brother celebrated for about 5 minutes and it was on to next season (when we actually won something I'd be that overjoyed I'd be happy all summer!).

    Finally, Danny came to me and said that he liked Birmingham. I enquired as to why and basically the premise was that he liked their players.

    There was no argument for me. I figured if it was what he liked then anything was better than Man Utd!

    Now Birmingham had never won a thing in their history. But sure enough as fate would have it, the next season they won a cup! He, like me, in my young '75 and '80 days was bouncing about for days after and happy over the summer like his Dad. ;biggrin
  • Many congratulations OCS ;champagne ;hug

    There is no earthly reason why that wee lad should not be raised with in the Hammers family.
  • Lukerz said:

    Congrats mate ;thumbsup

    Valuable life skills learnt in the process of supporting West Ham. Will stand him in good stead. You don’t always get what you want & have to deal with set backs.

    Well that was the spiel my dad gave me, anyway.

    I was leaning towards been a Liverpool supporter - they was always on the TV when I was a kid - my dad said that was fine..... as long as I found somewhere else to live (I was 5). ;biggrin
  • Congratulations 2 u and ur family, I'm sure ur new addition will thank u one day for becoming a Hammer fan.
  • Many congratulations.

    Hammer, no doubt.

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    Fantastic! Many congrats to and your family ;champagne

  • Good to provide an option - bad if it is taken up

    Welcome YCS to the best footballing family available- always a Hammer ;scarf
  • Ok, so my sister has visited and bought him this:


    Looks like the decision is out of my hands ;biggrin
  • Aunties rock ;biggrin
  • Congrats OCS. I raised my son as a Hammer for the first 9 or 10 years then he rebelled and turned to Spurs and he's stayed on the dark side ever since.
    Good luck if you can keep him on the true path but don't tell the authorities what you are planning until he's old enough to confess it's what he wants.
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    Thorn ;nonono that's a Halloween horror story
  • OCS congratulations to you and family.
    Don't argue with your sister. :smile:
  • Congratulations OCS. Welcome young hammer.
  • Congrats!
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