Bilic or Moyes?

Who do you think was the better manager?

I've been involved in a few debates of this kind over the last few months. Here I try to work out the answer adopting a scientific approach...

Take a look and let me know what you think guys. Appreciate it may be rather long, but I'm planning on writing a book on football statistics and it'd be good to have feedback.

If people like the idea of the stats analysis i may go on to do a similar thing for Pellegrini before the season starts.


  • Do you mind if I put off reading this until England are playing in the World Cup? ;wink
  • Without looking at stats, I preferred Bilic. This was because I find him enigmatic, and also it was under his management that I actually got excited about West Ham matches for the first time in ages
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    I liked Bilic with my heaprt and Moyes with my head.

  • Bilic tooks risks that Moyes wouldn't, and looked to be expansive

    But he also struggled to turn the tide when it went bad an lacked a bit of tactical nous...couldn't spot (or stop) the problems we had

    Moyes was a bit more disciplined, but his line up could often leave a lot to be desired and wasn't proactive in his ubs if the game was going sideway

    Both have pros and cons, but hard to compare as Bilic has 2+ years and Moyes didnt have 1
  • I would say the team had much better game plans under Moyes. Bilic seemed to prepare tactically 5 mins before kick-off.
  • IMO stats are all well and good but footie is an emotional game, let’s face it, if it was all purely about stats then we would all be supporting somebody else.

    Hides behind sofa

    For me, Bilic “felt” right and DM “felt” wrong, and I think that overall I was happier under Bilic.

    I soooooooo wish it had turned out better for him....
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    If I was to simplify how I see it... in a nutshell I feel Bilic's raw passion and energy will carry over to a team and therefore they'll improve over the short term. Generally speaking I believe they'll be higher on confidence and this will carry them to good results. Over time however, it is hard for the team to maintain this level of hunger and keep that level of motivation up and that's when tactical discipline comes in. Imo this is something Bilic lacked and his energy and flamboyant nature can only carry him and the team so far.

    Moyes on the other hand seems more tactically astute and probably better in the long term. I guess he relies on Pearce for this energy.

    In terms of who is better manager - short term probably Bilic, long term Moyes. Moyes is probably more of an all rounder though and has less weaknesses as a manager compared to Bilic.
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