Will we stay up?

Looking at the fixtures I see a total of 37 points as a realistic target. We therefore may need to obtain a couple of remarkable results. Can we do it?


  • Yes of course we can, it's the West Ham way. :pray: :pray: I thought it was best to pray twice as hard.
  • Couple of players need to step up to save us. Rice and can’t think of anyone else, so maybe a no from me
  • NO from me .But then most of the time i dont think i will wake up the next day ,and yet here i am :wave:
  • Yes from me
  • No from me. Can't even see where the next win will come from let alone getting a few of them.
  • Nope.

    This is the season that our luck runs out, IMO. I think we'll pick up a couple of wins, but not enough.

    I may have a bit of time tomorrow to have a look at the remaining fixtures of our relegation rivals, which may be enough to change my mind, but as of now, I think we're gone.
  • we will sign no one and the ashley twins will hope we stay up
  • Always a chance but it's pretty bleak. Would essentially need to win the majority of our home games.

    Brighton next weekend is pretty much the do or die. 3 points there Brighton are in the thick of it and we might keep in touching distance after the city Liverpool demolitions. Lose it and Brighton spring 5 points clear before we even play those 2 sides. Realistically we could be 5 to 9 points chasing 4th from bottom. Especially as Villa and Bournemouth play one another I think to.

    Not sure the players have the metal for the chase and a few will be planning their exit if so.
  • When we get a good result and find form, we'll be fine. But time is running out....
  • Going down :sub:
  • Championship awaits us IMO.
    I really hope I'm wrong tho. :ok:
  • and its a Yes from me.

  • Yes. Keep the faith! :scarf:
  • I think we will stay up.
  • We have been poor for months and we Are still not in the bottom three yet. Reckon we will scrape to safety we need some luck with injuries and hopefully a couple of new faces . Think it will get worse before getting better , position wise
  • Yes but it will be close
  • Must admit I'm really worried we'll go down this season, after a very solid start we've only taken 11 points from the last 16 games. Injury list is the worst it's been all season, confidence low, and we've got Liverpool twice and Man City in 3 of our next 4 league games.

    And, regardless of what people say, I hate relegation so much, we lose any decent players we have and that means we're even weaker if we do manage to come back up. In addition, as someone who can't get to many games, I only end up seeing a handful of matches each season when we're in the Championship as opposed to being able to watch every game when we're in the Premier League.

    Sorry, too long, simple answer, no, I don't think we'll stay up :weep: :weep: :weep:

    (PS Unless we get a couple of good players in before the window shuts, but obviously no chance of that happening)
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    I think it’s going to be very difficult based on the run of games we have. It’s not like we have impossible fixtures because, being only 4 games into the second half of the season, everybody will play similar teams. But the order of our fixtures is going to see us kill any momentum we may have built over the next couple of months, so by April we are going to be under pressure to win a lot of our remaining games.
  • Yes.

    When Moyes took over in 2017 we were 17th
    After one month we'd were 19th
    After three months we were 10th
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    Yes if we beat Brighton.

    Huge game.
  • Aslef, yes, but we are all familiar with the statement "Past performance is no guarantee of future results" :whistle:
  • True but we've been in this situation many times before, we're only halfway through the season and a lot can happen so I'm not going to accept that relegation is inevitable until we're mathematically doomed.

    My glass is half full and when its empty I just buy another.
  • Aslef, we're far more than halfway, we've played 23 out of 38, only 15 games remaining.
  • To my mind "halfway" lasts from the beginning of December until the end of January when the transfer window closes.
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    Today's performance must add a few NO's!! & yeh, u have to laugh otherwise.....
  • I will change my No to Yes As my wife says I should be more positive :whistle:
  • There’s a lot of points left yet.I think we might just survive.Shades of “The great escape“ season, from memory I think we were ten points adrift at the start of April.
    Who would’ve thought we’d be in this mess after the first few games.
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