West Ham vs Spurs (15:00, 20/10/18) - Match build-up, commentary, discussion & analysis

So with 48 hours to go until Spurs’ cup final appearance, we still have no thread.

Nerves are obviously getting the better so, in true ‘The Apprentice’ style, after all peering at one another...

‘I’ll do it’

Likely to be unchanged. Masuaku has a knock, should be fine. Arnie has a dodgy knee but I’m certain ‘he’ll be back’. Snodders has some form of issue but expected to make the squad. Hernandez should return after his illness.

Spurs will select a strong side, but one struggling for rhythm this season.

Should be a cracker: 1-1

Thoughts below



  • Has anyone started a match thread for sat v Spurs. Can’t find one and no I don’t want to start one!
  • I'd have opened a thread but given my 100% record of failure I'd never ever dream of opening this one ;biggrin

    Although what a choice to get my first ever victory.
  • 2-1 West Ham. Rice to score the winner and then be offered a well deserved 150k a week basic salary.
  • I will have that bet 2-1 rice anytime goalscorer
  • Vertongen's out, too.
  • I don't trust Masuaku as a defender so I would bring Cresswell in, but otherwise unchanged please ;ok
  • got tickets for the 31st game against Spurs in the Cup so I hope we can tonk them here and then again 2 weeks later.
  • Same here yeold im taking my family to butlins this weekend (curses the fixtures computer) but have tickets for the cup game . Spurs have a lot of fixtures coming up they play 20/24/29/31 Oct and 3/6 Nov
  • Lawro's 149 words on West Ham v Spurs contains 32 words on the subject of the Liverpool front three. I demand to know why any portion of my licence fee is being wasted on this dullard.

    Lawro says 1-1 so obviously that's not going to happen, the bookies have given shorter odds on Spurs than us and I'm slightly nervous.
  • 'just one of the last nine games has had a winning margin of more than one goal for either team'
  • Are you Alderz in disguise ;quaver

  • This is a big match in my view - after a really bad start we have began to put it together and show what we can do. The pressure is off a little as we have moved up the table and confidence should be high. So what do we have? what can our expectations be with this side and manager now? Spurs at home is a perfect test for that in my view. a good performance and something taken will provide real optimism.
  • 2-1 to West Ham and Mark Noble to open the scoring with a penalty. You heard it here first..........Nurse!!!!
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    Noble to be the first player booked after he lays down a marker on Eric Diers Spanish marker leg ;whistle coyi
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    Arnie still looks like he is in some discomfort judging by the videos on the West Ham twitter page. ;puzzled

    He seems to be limping whilst jogging. Wonder if this ‘knee’ issue is going to result in surgery.
  • That looked like 'one for the cameras.'
  • Well my wife is away this weekend so I am bacheloring it - just checked schedules and Chelsea vs Man U will be on NBC at 6.30am and swiftly followed by the Mighty Hammers.

    A positive feast of football awaits, I think I need to pop out and get some more bacon :-)
  • Match day ;wahoo
  • Match day ;sofa
  • I can’t see us losing
  • COYI ;scarf COYI ;scarf COYI
  • Cuz1 said:

    I can’t see us losing

  • Two players come out the 11 due to knocks, according to Ex.

    Masuaku likely to be one for Cresswell. Hopefully Arnie is ok. Rumours on Twitter that Ogbonna is playing too.
  • Cuz1 said:

    I can’t see us losing

    That's because you have your eyes closed.
  • I apologise in advance for Lucas Moura's good game today. But I've transferred him out of my FF team after poor results and a falling price.
  • Moira and Kane have been removed from my team. Could be embarassing. ;lol
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