Other games this weekeend (28th/29th/30th)

I know many West Ham fans think we have it rough, but imagine being a Stoke fan.

4 points from safety, 3 games to go, and you have to read this on the BBC early team news:
both Saido Berahino and Jese are once again not under consideration.
How can they have got to a situation where 2 such potentially decent players aren't even an option?

Meanwhile, Sparky Marky has decided it is more important to make a point than to have a potential match-winner in your squad.


Normally, I'd be more sympathetic to his stance, but in their situation, I think I'd have looked for a different way to make my point.


  • How did Salah miss that?

  • Not the 45 minutes we wanted
  • Don’t want this 0-0 at 80 minutes. Come on Liverpool
  • Understandable, perhaps, but that was a very low-key, low-quality half from Liverpool.
  • Stoke are going to nick something here, Hudds to beat EFC and saints win we are right back in it

    City will score at least 2 I can only see us getting 1 at most.

  • Liverpool unlucky not to get a penalty imo, Pieters arm definitely away from his body. Stoke then break down the other end and Shawcross could so easily have poked the ball into the net rather than just wide.
  • 0-0 FT, not in itself enough imo unless it galvenises them into better performances in their last 2 games.
  • Them winning their last two is not beyond the realms of possibility
  • It is when they have only won 6 all season. They won't finish above us.
  • Stoke wont win their last 2....especially as they cant score
  • I believe we have a win in us this season to ensure safety
  • Stoke certainly aren't going down easy. I wonder what Klopp will blame it on this time?
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    Grey, I've been grizzling on about Bournemouth ever since we played them at their place but I will be shouting lots of jolly encouragement to them this afternoon. ;biggrin
  • Thing is Stoke now need to go out and win their remaining games as opposed to trying to nick a win as they have in their last three. They're down imo.
  • Saints winning
  • Not working thus far Giant as Saints are winning
  • Palace are currently 11th
  • imagelost said:

    Palace are currently 11th

    Everyone takes the Mick out of him, but I think Hodgson is a very tactically astute manager - he has steadied the ship at Palace, but will they hold on to Zaha next year ??
  • Palace, west brom and Southampton all winning. Stoke getting the draw. Well this is all going swimmingly at the moment. ;doh
  • Get in Cherries.
  • Best result for us at HT is bfs & his toffees rather than chewing gum.
    This must stay as a Everton win would be great for us, considering Huddersfield's last games...
    Ok I'm gonna say this out loud .....
    bfs & ur team!....
  • Saints back in front
  • Southampton 2-1 up.

    Anyone else getting a bit twitchy?
  • Very twitchy
  • Stays as it is we’re in trouble
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    To be honest, I've been twitchy since the Stoke game. That was our chance to all but guarantee staying up and we blew it.

    Leicester seem to be winding down this season so hopefully we'll get something from that game, but you know when a team is out of form we tend to give them every opportunity to change that.

    Got to hope Everton don't concede because keeping Huddersfield below us could be the only thing that keeps us up.
  • I think you need another 2 teams as well OCS. ;wink
  • Defoe coming on for Bournemouth, let's see if he can do us a favour.
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