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Huddersfield A Match Thread - 13.01.18 3pm



  • It makes me wonder why, a couple of hours ago it was a big deal not to start with 7 subs on the bench. You can only bring on 3. We had a good starting 11, and the bench was adequate. Not perfect I know. It would have been good to have Messi, Ronaldo and Silva there just in case we needed them, but as it turns out we didn’t.
  • Great win and a great 2nd half performance ...
    Well done to Moyes & Team...
    And come on guys no complaints about Cheikh today please!....

    Arnie & Lanzini seem to have this connection, long May it last...
    ;wahoo ;scarf ;clap
  • Saw bits on stream and thort kouyate played as if he had a point to prove well done to all and special mention to mr Moyes seems the players want to play for you, seem organised and fitter imo if I were the board I’d say ok here’s the two year contract build a team see how you go
  • fantastic result and Arnie and Lanzini look a formidable partnership, a good midfielder behind him will allow Lanzini to remain forward more.

    Three big matches coming up in the league, I feel if we can win two we will be heading to safety and will be able to relax a little.
  • If we play like that against the Shrews, we could have a hatful,,,,,,,Oh no, hope I haven’t jinxed it
  • I don’t think Barcelona could have done any more today than we did
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    Delighted. After Everton I was preparing for life in the Championship

    Same here. I was convinced after that game that we were doomed. Just didn't seem to have anything about us at all.

    Moyes has worked absolute wonders when you consider where we were. We have more of an identity now, more of a game plan and an understanding of the basics.

    That we're effectively four wins from safety is testament to how well the new management team has done, and the players deserve some credit too for adapting so well; Arnie and Ogbonna in particular look like players reborn, and even Noble seems to have rediscovered his mojo.

    We're not there yet, but it's looking a damn sight better than it did two months ago.
  • Moyes seems to have this system down now. Mobile players upfront allow us to break on the counter effectively and we can press the opposition.

    I think we still need to find a system when we have winnable games at home (i.e. where we have more possession). Maybe that will only come with new players?
  • West Ham fans be like

  • Arnie involved in all 4 goals we scored.
    IMO that deserves a ;bowdown & a ;clap
  • Arnie is Payet-esque right now. Love watching him.
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    Sorry, didn’t quite finish...
    Lukerz said:

    This isn’t going to go well...

    ...For Huddersfield
  • I said a while back, we suit this counter attacking style at present and need adopt it even when playing at home.

    Arnie is also such a complete player in the Ronaldo mode, ok CLEARLY not nearly as good as Ronaldo in any one aspect but what he has is size, strength, speed and technique and it's unusual to have all of them in one player and is what makes Ronaldo what he is. To have such close control and skill for a big ( wikipedia states as 6ft 4" ) strong guy is unusual, Ronaldo's down as 6ft2 by the way.
  • Dear West Ham

    That was jolly good fun.

    Thank you.
  • We're right in the pack now. the table is going to fluctuate big time over the next 6 weeks.
  • Catching big sams team
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    Love noun

    1. A strong feeling of affection

    2. A great interest and pleasure in something


  • Game of the day - full 90 minutes on Sky at 20.00 ;scarf
  • Which Sky channel is that on?
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    Without a doubt, the best performance and enjoyable West Ham performance for a long time.

    Arnie and Lanzini were brilliant.

    We'll done David Moyes and staff.

    Makes me happy
  • Game of the day - full 90 minutes on Sky at 20.00 ;scarf

    Think it may be 8:30 programme start
  • Cuz1 said:

    Catching big sams team

    By the end of next week we could be above them ;pray
  • From 15 minutes of the 2nd half onwards was the first time I have actually relaxed watching the Hammers for about 2 years. A novel but pleasant experience.
  • Game of the day - full 90 minutes on Sky at 20.00 ;scarf

    Sorry its 20.30
  • A great result today ;biggrin
    In all competitions Huddersfield have only lost at home 4 times (including today) losing to Manchester City, Chelsea & Tottenham, all of whom are playing in the Champions League so a very good result for us indeed, Moyes has got the squad working in a much better way than the hapless (and hopeless Bilic) never could this season. For me though Moyes still has a lot of work to do to convince me he is the right man long term for us, but today’s performance and result have gone some way to convince.
  • That is the sort of performance and result that gives everyone a lift, and I brought Arnie back into my FFT.......... ;wahoo
  • Just looking at the goals, had Lanzini missed his second I would have been furious had it not been a penalty. The Huddersfield players just leant into Arnie and pushed him down. Surely that had to be a foul.
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