The Boleyn Arms - soon be Easter; where are you going, if you are going away?

Welcome to The Boleyn Arms - a West Ham United virtual public house, and a West Ham Institution.

Now in our new home on WHU 606, this is a pleasant hostelry is open for Hammers/Irons to discuss matters relating to football, West Ham United or anything else.

WUMs are barred from this establishment, although friendly fans of other clubs are welcome to come in and enjoy the claret and blue atmosphere.

Please do not deface the pictures of players past and present, that adorn the walls in this establishment (and that includes the one of Jimmy Neighbour, R.I.P.) As with the rest of this site, have fun but please avoid anything racist, sexist, homophobic and any comments that promote negative racial or cultural stereotypes, whether said in jest or not.

Please also bear in mind that users of all ages are on this forum. Therefore please refrain from any content of an adult nature or anything unsuitable for users of all ages.

So come in and join us for our final season at The Boleyn Ground continuing our journey under Messrs. Gold, Sullivan & Brady onwards and back up where we belong!

In previous opening periods of this thread, originally established on BBC 606 by V8Iron under the title "Let's all sign up to this" on the 17th May 2007, we have now achieved postings totaling 139,539 (BBC 606 total) + 178,309 = 317,848 and counting.

On March 8th 2013 the 250,000 milestone was passed with a post by Woosie. Well done Woosie and all who have contributed to this Hammer's Institution since May 2007 - Well done guys!

On the weekend of 12th/13th April 2014 with the posting of the 35th comment The Boleyn Arms have passed our post total on BBC 606 well done guys V8 would be proud!

Now entering our eighth year, it gives me great pleasure to re-dedicate this plaque. To those who on BBC 606 defended this place through the deadly days of the Spring and Summer of 2007 .... their names will however live on here forever; though some are lost to us now:
VEight Iron
Half-Egg Half-Biscuit
Espania Hammer

In memory of absent friends

;poppy ;poppy ;poppy


  • ;santa ;santa ;santa
  • Seasons Greetings one and all ;sleigh

    Hope this may be of use to some - I have been using this site for a while and reckon it is user friendly, comprehensive and concise and lists all games on tv with actual kick off times- currently showing up to the end of February. ;scarf
  • Snowy greetings ;wave

    While the Greek delegation will not be kicking of festivities officially until Friday 16 December, others should feel free to partake of the festive spirit as they see fit. ;santa

    Ta for doing a new thread, MrE ;redwine
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    We got our first Xmas card today ;card

    And one of my students has given me a Santa+reindeer decal thingy for the window.She also asks me - hopefully - every lesson, if I have an advent calendar yet.Then I get a chocolate-by-chocolate account of her advent calendar adventures since the last time I saw her ;lol
  • Blimey, this is still going!? I am impressed. It's nice to see some stability in the world. I may pop back to check if any other 'old timers' are still about. Tch, still got the picture of Jimmy Neighbour though....
  • AT2 you old devil .......................... how are things with you ???
  • Good morning one and all ;wave

    Off out up west with my mum today.

    We may lunch ;biggrin
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    ;wave ;coffee

    Day off today. ;wahoo

    Have a good one, suz.

    AT2, the ghost of Christmas past.
  • @2 because he's trendy ;cool
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    But does he have a Christmas jumper?



    (See what I did there?)
  • ;wahoo

    #woolfam ;hug
  • ;wave ;coffee

    There's actually a company called Woolovers, and I've just ordered a jumper from them. True fact. ;lol
  • ;lol

    I hope you're not trying to pull the wool over my eyes MrsG
  • Would I? ;angel

    Although I'm slightly alarmed because when I checked the tracking information, it seemed to show that my package was currently somewhere in the Gulf of Guinea ;nonono
  • ;nonono

    And where is Diafra right now...
  • ;nonono

  • ;wave ;coffee

    Glorious day here. Blue skies and sunshine. Had our brekkie outside, it's about 20 degrees in the sun. ;cool
  • ;wave Saturday greeting from my sofa were I am currently nursing a hangover.

    ;coffee ;cake
  • ;wave

    I have just come back from a run and am now eating soup ;biggrin
  • Thick soup I presume? ;biggrin
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    ;wave Saturday greeting from my sofa were I am currently nursing a hangover.

    ;coffee ;cake

    Me too Suze - trouble is , my hangovers kick in at around mid day, so I always think I've got away with it.
    My Birthday yesterday - quiet drink in the pub last night turned into carnage with half the village turning up courtesy of Mrs BBB' arranging, and a bottle of Mr Jamiesons finest being drunk during an impromptu 'afters' session courtesy of a very fine upstanding landlord. When I asked him if he was worried about the police he said that "if we see a copper in this village, he's probably lost "
  • Belated happy birthday ;champagne

    (That's a glass of Alka Seltzer. ;biggrin )
  • Happy Birthday for yesterday BBB.

  • Today's tip.

    Make sure you use oven gloves when you pick up a casserole dish lid that has been in the oven for two hours.


  • ;nonono ;weep

    Suzanne, that's terrible!
  • and really stupid ;doh
  • That looks sore ;nonono
  • And really stupid ;biggrin
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