West Ham United Women's team now officially part of West Ham United

About time to. Treated disgustingly by West Ham United over the years.


  • Lets see what being in house can do to their fortunes over the next couple of years. Overdue as Yeold said.
  • Not sure if their fortunes will raise or not but at least West Ham may provide them with an actual kit to wear than some mock up job they had to do and pay for themselves. Maybe even some cones and other such training items to. I remember reading an interview / watching some interviews with Dicks when he was in charge, West Ham wouldn't even give them some plastic cones to train with !

    Shame it took this long for it to all happen and with someone like Karren Brady on board I thought this would be high on her agenda when she came in to help promote women in the game more.
  • http://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2017/may/30-may/hammers-unveil-ambitious-ladies-plans

    Club making plans to improve the women's team.

    Including making jack Sullivan Managing Director.

    I'm rather ;hmm ;nonono ;angry ;puzzled ;scarf about that.
  • The lengths his Dad will go to keep him off twitter!
  • Maybe if he's an actual club official he will stop making stupid comments on twitter?
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    'Maybe if he's actual President he will stop making stupid.. oh, ok.

  • Hahaha
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    Incredibly happy to see the club finally bring the Ladies team 'in house'. I am with the many others that believe this has been long overdue, and I have been rather disappointed it wasn't (seemingly) pushed for sooner. I would like to think that my old hero Dicks pulled some levers and put in some pressure with his history managing them (partially because as much as I love him I am not fully sure what he is doing for us behind the scenes!). However, well done to the club for doing (IMO) the right thing. Hopefully this secures the long term future for the Ladies team, and their current players/staff. I also hope the security and ideally better finances will enable them to push on and maybe even make the WSL-2 in the next couple of years.

    Secondly, I may be on my own but I quite like this idea of young Jack being made MD. It seems clear DS sees him as his successor to the 'big chair' so to speak so a bit of learning and training how to do it via a similar (even if slightly 'honourary') position in a less pressurised setting might be good. Also as far as his twittering goes I see a benefit: already he is 'followed' by a fair few fans/locals and if he is regularly tweeting about progress in the women's side, details about tickets etc, or just any good general publicity, it will hopefully expand those interested in women's football, hopefully get more people down to watch them, increase their funds, and get more girls feeling accepted and playing sport with all the benefits that brings. Win-win. Go on the girls!
  • Yes. I'm ambivalent. I agree many of the positives you highlight.

    I just think, if I was a professional or semi-professional footballer, I'd think it a bit insulting to have a kid made MD of my team.
  • That is a fair point MrsG, and some players may understandably feel that. Hopefully though the benefits shine through as the season(s) advance and if the Ladies side progress they may look at it as a necessary evil (though ideally look at it more positively than that!). I am forever optimistic. And not that it matters to this point but as far as I am aware they are all at best semi professional if not currently classified as amateur? I do not think at the moment any are on club wages? Happy to be proved wrong, and I hope with progress in the league we eventually have a fully professional (and waged) Ladies side.
  • Have they got a decent striker we can borrow...
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    Michael Antonio is a lady!! who knew?


  • McH

    Added an image to your post for clarity (Clarety?) ;ok
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    Well, they sacked the manager last week, and this week they beat Margate 13-0 ;nonono

  • A clip from what seems to be a longer programme about Jack Sullivan.

  • Oh, OK. It's from a BBC documentary, and episode 1 is available on iplayer
  • 5-0! Win today against Yeovil can’t keep a good club down
  • I know this is to do with the Ladies football but it appears Manchester United attract the top players again as they have just signed a England International who has been released by Manchester City even though they have only just been promoted. We have let three go and not got any one in yet & last season due to injuries in some games didn't have a full bench to pick from. Don't tell me "It's the West Ham way" :biggrin:
  • It’s all about money

  • To be fair, the defence played the last part of the season like they were on their holidays
  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48967174

    West Ham United Women have signed Champions League-winning defender Laura Vetterlein from German side SC Sand.

  • Mrs G,

    That is one down another six to go if what Jack said is to believed as he is looking for a squad of 20 and at the last count they had 13 now 14 signed on.
  • Doesnt want European football next season? :phew:
  • I quite enjoyed the BBC documentary on the ladies team. Even if Jack and his dad are a little bit David Brent.
  • Apologise for being a bit of a mood hoover but the signings the other WPL sides have made I have actually heard of as most appeared in the recent World Cup I haven't heard of the two recent signings, sounds a bit " Father like Son" scenario with Jack and his Dad?
  • Well it's only our 2nd season in the league.

    Rome wasn't built in a day :biggrin:
  • Blimey, are we now Lazio Ladies :biggrin:
  • It goes all the way around.
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