January Transfer Window ** NOW CLOSED **

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Is it too early to think about Christmas? Maybe but the shops don't think so.

Is it too early to talk about the January Transfer window? Maybe, but the papers don't think so...

Do we have any money? Well if we don't play Zaza another 10 times we should have £20m.

Also with Sakho available in two weeks and match fit, if we do still want to sell him (I think so due to attitude) it will likely add another £10-15m.

But with £30-£35m who can we buy. Benteke? Missed that boat! Anyone got any ideas?


  • I'm available for slightly less than that
  • Zaza will be terminated in Jan if he is performing like he is

    Likewise Tore (hopefully Tore)

    Free up some wages and money

    If Sakho has done something prior to Jan keep him if not the sell him if we can

    We'll have Cresswell, Ayew, Carroll back around Jan if they can stay fit once ether are back so don't need loads of players
  • You will not attract a quality striker to a relegation fighting team.
  • Another transfer window where we will need a striker...
  • Another month chasing Bacca
  • just go out and bid 25m for sturridge , I bet they sell him in January ;hmm
  • Good shout Brownings. Good shout. Maybe too injury prone but quality wise perfect.

  • Autocorrect! Sorry Brookings
  • What about this chap. 1 in 2 for Brondby

  • Doesn't matter who he is if we can't get decent service to him.
  • Zaza has had plenty of the ball, he just can't control it.

    I understand your point but to be honest, once you're team mates realise anything they do get to you is wasted or doesn't come back, they stop passing to you.
  • ;lol Sweepy ;ok , I'm waiting to hear " Zaza gets the ball he controls it beats the first man beats the second and curls a fantastic shot into the .....

    row zaza ;doh
  • my own theory is never buy players with a z in the name or players you cant spell there name without google's help .

    Another good one is never buy a player who you have too watch 5 minute highlights on youtube before telling your mates he's a good player I've seen him play ...
  • When the ball hits the sky like a big pizza pie that's a Zaza.
  • Brookings - Bobby Zamora, Carlos Tevez, Manuel Lanzini, Billy Bondz.......
  • Our transfer policy should be to buy better than we have, a policy we didn't seem to follow in the summer.
  • I loved Tevez but he cost us 25m for half a season ASLEF ;ok
    Lanzini still needs to improve and Bobby as much as I loved him he was a hammer
    never scored enough for me , lets be honest we have a problem with strikers at this club ever since Big mac and cottee left imo .
  • i'll give you Billy though ;wink
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    lets be honest we have a problem with strikers at this club ever since Big mac and cottee left imo .

    Benni McCarthy wasn't that good
  • Ah, but Big Mac was only very good when he was partnered up front with his best mate Large Fries.
  • Vorse

    Just because we want better players doesn't mean they want us. Something that did happen in the summer.
  • But surely, with us having a new stadium......

  • Tevez didn't cost us £25m, Terence Brown did, the fact that he was made Honorary Life President and was allowed to buy shares in 2010 is criminal
  • Rumours are once, or should that be IF, Zaza scores he will go onto to score a few but not be the 15-20 goal Marque Striker we hoped for. Yes I will continue to bang on about this as we were sold a pup in the summer!
  • We did one bit of good business in the summer window however and that shouldn't be overlooked.

    Who could they be talking about from this forum?

    ...I think you're right. My only concern is that a player can do one thing on the pitch to make you feel he's decent. A control and turn, a shot on target when under pressure, a tussle with a centre back, a trick or shimmy resulting in him going past a defender, an express turn of space. I haven't seen any of those things.

    My benchmark is that defenders marking him know they've been in a game, be it physically or technically. I can imagine the Norwich defenders never mentioned his name on their trip home.

    He could be a good one but I haven't seen the signs yet.

    I would like to know what prompted us to buy him. His record is woeful and the fee is very high. Nothing to do with the third party stuff, but the signing seems very dodgy.

    His 'attempt' on goal today was almost laughable.

    if we did it once we can do it again...... Pssst I have got a nice Italian for you now Mr Koeman
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