Stadium tour

Paid a visit to the stadium yesterday and took the tour, having supported west ham for so many years, my expectations were really quite low, but I can happily say that I recommend the tour.

It is a self guided affair with a headset and mini Ipad type gadget which holds extra information about the stadium and where you are within it. You get to see where the prawn sandwich brigade watch the game, the home dressing /changing room, warm up track and of course walk out the tunnel to the sound of the crowd singing bubbles.

It really is well done and worth the trip.

Given that our results and performances have been so so poor these past couple of weeks, I have forgiven my nephew for arranging his wedding at a time ensuring that I missed both of them.



  • It's good to hear that you enjoyed it. friends have been and have said the same thing.

    Sir_Ian and I plan to go too.
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