• Fills a gap

    Not gonna be a wing back but his last club was real Madrid when he played a lot and prior to that Liverpool so good move

    Think Byram can learn a lot from him too so win win

  • Great addition to the squad. Tremendous pedigree and experience. Hopefully alott of WHU players can learn a lot from him. ;thumbsup ;thumbsup ;thumbsup
  • He's a new face with a pedigree. Good luck, and I hope you do well ⚽️
  • ;scarf good signing welcome ;ok
  • See this is a top signing.

    Goes straight into the first XI for me when match fit and allows Byram another season to bed in at his own pace, without being thrown in at the deep end.

    Only concern is how many weeks he'll need to be ready to start?

    But will be a valuable signing for a year.
  • Don't think Byram has done anything to warrant getting dropped

    The only mistake was the Astra game where we shouldve had enough players behind the ball to deal with it better

    But healthy competition is a good thing, maybe away from home he should start and make us that more solid
  • Byram isn't ready.

    Far too naive in his defending. Often grabs players and is a yellow waiting to happen.

    He'll be a great RB one day but not yet.
  • I agree on the grabbing etc and he's still rough around the edges. However, i do think he'll learn (from Arbeloa too) and isnt far off being a decent Prem RB/wingback
  • As for Alvaro, the fee couldn't 'beloa ;run
  • ;biggrin
  • Where do players learn if not in the first team?

    Brian should be our first choice RB, imo, and if he drops the occasional ricket, we'll that's the price you pay for playing kids.
  • I tend to agree, however there is a fine line between dropping the occasional ricket and destroying them possibly beyond repair.

    Every little mistake is analyzed and re-analyzed nowadays.

    I would still go with Byram as first choice, but Arbeloa should be able to help him, good experienced pro.

    Good move in my book.


  • Byrams had a good pre-season and has started very well in his appearances so far this season, for me, he's still the main man at RB and is someone we should invest our time in because he has the potential to be a very good RB + IMO an England regular. Of course he still has things to work on and develop, but it can only come with experience and can only be enhanced/accelerated by playing regularly and in a much stronger WHU side than he has been (absence of key players a big issue for us).

    Arbeloa will be great competition for him and will keep him on edge, which is important for him- to have someone of significant pedigree in contention for his position can only be good for him and WHUFC; as we will also see with Cresswell and Masuaku, and what IMO we have seen so far this season with Adrian + Randolph.
  • The one person most excited by this signing will be Antonio ;wahoo
  • Good signing but Brian remains my first choice RB.
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    Given JT's old shirt number
  • Fella does triathlons for fun. Maybe 33 but I reckon his fitness is fine
  • Fella does triathlons for fun

    #nutjob image
  • Is it not just a case of what Arbeloa can teach Byram but also what Byram can teach Arbeloa.

  • Just testing.....

    You know who you are

  • This is fun......

    I only have to go

  • Byram for me is not yet ready. When pushing forward I find him weak. He's not composed and has poor delivery. He's nervous in the final third.
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    The classic dilemma: how do players get ready for top-level football?

    At some point you've got to put them in.

    Personally, think Brian will be fine.
  • Good point G but i don't think he's strong enough as a starter. We shall see.
  • Cresswell looked nervous at first but he always had it. For me Byram doesn't.
  • Cresswell didn't look nervous going forward but some of his defending early in his first season left a bit to be desired. He did get better though.
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