Where to get a beer?? (On matchday, not in general!)

Have stuck this up on a few other forums so apologies if you have seen this topic before already today.

Not sure if many people are clued up, but there is a decent bar called The Podium which is slap bang under the huge red Orbital thing - serves decent grub and more importantly, is a place to get a few pints in closer to the ground. The OS can't serve beers on European nights so could be a perfect place to claim as 'ours'! It's a little bit cheaper as well if my memory serves me right.

Anyone else been in there? I went last week and there is talk of a company coming in and flooding it with beer karts, kegs and extra pumps too. Sadly, it seems that gone are the days of the Working Mans' but would be great to have a place for beers before and after the game...


  • Might give it a try been drinking in the pubs on the broadway Ye Olde Black Bull / Queens Head amongst others . Busy but I got served pretty quick in both pubs
  • The Podium was not selling alcohol for the Domzale game. We tried, I mean we really tried ;weep
  • Fingers crossed there will be loads of portable bars and Kegs this Thursday!! I'll be down there 100%

  • No alcohol in the stadium, on the concourse or local bars. You'll need to drink in Stratford or Westfield. ;ok
  • Oh right, I thought the no booze in the stadium was due to UEFA regs? Outside the stadium isn't owned by the clubs so is fair game...

    Looks like someone is missing a trick! I spotted a few portable bars last week (albeit they were few and far between) so will chance my luck. If we find a spot to have a beer closer to the stadium then I'm sure word will spread!!
  • Oh right, I thought the no booze in the stadium was due to UEFA regs? Outside the stadium isn't owned by the clubs so is fair game...

    The alcohol ban is a UEFA thing but it seems the ban includes the area outside the stadium as well.

    Last time I drank at the Adam and Eve in Homerton then got the Overground one stop to Hackney Wick. Got a couple of places for Thursday I'm going to check out, see what they're like.
  • Just found this -


    Open on Thursdays. ;wahoo
  • If you want to use the 'Moore'd barges' you need to book through Hammerschat forum and there is a charge (£5 for forum members/£6 for non members for the Bournemouth game). Need to get in quick as it sells out sharpish and first come first served!

    Me and my boys used it for Juve and Bournemouth and it was great!
  • I see a few swimming lessons in the future.....
  • Rumour has it that the Podium will be knocking out pie and a pint deals!! (anything under a tenner would be sweet) - bring on that rooftop terrace in the sunshine!!!
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