The Boleyn Arms - The Landlord strikes back

Welcome to The Boleyn Arms - a West Ham United virtual public house, and a West Ham Institution.

Now in our new home on WHU 606, this is a pleasant hostelry is open for Hammers/Irons to discuss matters relating to football, West Ham United or anything else.

WUMs are barred from this establishment, although friendly fans of other clubs are welcome to come in and enjoy the claret and blue atmosphere.

Please do not deface the pictures of players past and present, that adorn the walls in this establishment (and that includes the one of Jimmy Neighbour, R.I.P.) As with the rest of this site, have fun but please avoid anything racist, sexist, homophobic and any comments that promote negative racial or cultural stereotypes, whether said in jest or not.

Please also bear in mind that users of all ages are on this forum. Therefore please refrain from any content of an adult nature or anything unsuitable for users of all ages.

So come in and join us for our final season at The Boleyn Ground continuing our journey under Messrs. Gold, Sullivan & Brady onwards and back up where we belong!

In previous opening periods of this thread, originally established on BBC 606 by V8Iron under the title "Let's all sign up to this" on the 17th May 2007, we have now achieved postings totaling 139,539 (BBC 606 total) + 177,519 = 317,058 and counting.

On March 8th 2013 the 250,000 milestone was passed with a post by Woosie. Well done Woosie and all who have contributed to this Hammer's Institution since May 2007 - Well done guys!

On the weekend of 12th/13th April 2014 with the posting of the 35th comment The Boleyn Arms have passed our post total on BBC 606 well done guys V8 would be proud!

Now entering our eighth year, it gives me great pleasure to re-dedicate this plaque. To those who on BBC 606 defended this place through the deadly days of the Spring and Summer of 2007 .... their names will however live on here forever; though some are lost to us now:
VEight Iron
Half-Egg Half-Biscuit
Espania Hammer

In memory of absent friends

;poppy ;poppy ;poppy


  • Welcome, Bienvenue, to the start of season BA thread ;diva
  • Is this 10 years old in May ?
    Hi expat ;wave
  • ;lol The Landlord strikes back...

    ;wave ;coffee more first aid training for the next 3 days.
  • ;biggrin

    Morning all ;wave
  • ;wave

  • the intro needs an update... ;tumbleweed
  • WP_20160804_18_35_23_Pro
    Hi All ;wave Expat thanks for help with posting image - This stone is on 'Champions Place' (just to right and below Martin Peters) ;poppy
  • I love it ;carew ;poppy
  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, darned cats

    He's gone missing before his vets appointment, and has not yet returned ;angry
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    They know.

    They can hear you make the appointment.

    They don't understand 'get off that' but they know you've booked a vets appointment.

    Little blighters!
  • It's like when you even think the word 'cat-carrier' some kind of telepathic alarm system is set off. ;doh
  • Our latest saga - we had to take him to vet, under the impression based on previous convo with said vet that cat would need anesthetic for the treatment. So we had a night of no sleep, while cat meowed constantly for food.

    Only to find when we got to the vet that he could to the treatment without any anesthetic ;doh

    Plus, we had to put him on a course of antibiotic pills afterwards ;weep

    The good news: he ate the pills wrapped in cheddar cheese. ;wahoo
  • Oh the boy cat will eat absolutely anything pillwise that happens to be wrapped in raw steak, doesn't even touch the sides.

    The girly cat however ;hmm
  • Our cat wandered in one weekend with a very nasty looking bite on her flank, maybe a dog, it was hard to say, but she kept the wound clean by continual licking.
    Decided to take her to the vet on the Monday, but when the time came she was nowhere to be seen, she just does that now and again. Next time she appeared the wound looked much better (after she had licked all the fur away!) so we cancelled the vet but kept an eye on her. After about a week you would not have known she'd been bitten. Amazing what nature can do.
  • NE ;ok

    We always have a stock of antibiotics in for 'home treatment', as we can't always get the cat to a vet. (He's only here Saturday and Sunday mornings, and not always then.)
  • Big mad thunderstorm has just hit us. Lightning, torrential rain. ;wahoo
  • Expecting a power cut any minute....

  • Me too Mrs G

    Had my own cat first aid kit.

    Sometimes the trauma of taking a cat to the vet is worse than the actual injury / illness.

  • Suz, can you first aid everything?
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    Our girl cat only ever went once. We've never taken her again.

    We had to take her via boat, was the first obstacle. Then once at the vet's, she got loose when she was on the examining table. We only just stopped her escaping out into the traffic (it was summer and the door was open) ... she ended up teetering in terror on top of the curtain rail. Grey had to climb up and get her down. The vet had to sedate her.

    Grey wasn't too happy either ;puzzled

  • outcast ;lol
  • Suz, can you first aid everything?

    Pretty much ;biggrin
  • It's supply and demand with Suze,

    She supplies the demand for first aid


  • ;lol sure do.
  • Cat captured, vetted, and now in a right strop ;lol
  • Ooo they do take it personally ;whome
  • Morning ;wave
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