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Transfer Speculation Summer 2016 - Part IV



  • So as of right now we have:

    Feghouli Free
    Nordveit Free
    Tore £3mil loan
    Martinez £2/3mil
    Fletcher Free
    Quina Free

    Tomkins £10mil
    JOB free
    song/moses/Emenike loan end

    Sakho about to leave for £16mil, Calleri surely has got to be close now and Ayew is currently our #1 target

    What we still need is 2 fullbacks for both flanks and still another natural centre forward even if calleri and Ayew come in

    Still see we are linked with the Juventus lad Perreya (spelling). Think he'd be a good move as he's a very good player, but their is literally no room with him as attacking midfield is pretty complete if we complete the Ayew move
  • edited August 2016
    Looking at Ex's latest column, we could be looking at Ayew, Calleri and one of Bacca and Benteke, plus Robertson or, more likely, Olsson at left back.

    Would be happy with that, TBH. Still think we need cover at RB but if we go into the season proper with the following options I think we'll do well:

    Byram/Antonio ( potential weak spot ;hmm )
    Ogbonna/Burke or Oxford
    Bacca or Benteke/Fletcher
  • Really can't see bacca coming, surely that move has set sail

    Also can't see us stumping up the £32+mil Liverpool want for Benteke either

    Would prefer Olsson to Robertson, really dont think Robertson is all that he got potential but defensively he isn't very good imo and offensively it won't be as easy to maraude like he did in the championship. And that he'd cost about £15mil which could almost get you Hector who is Germany #1 LB and only 24
  • See in the Mail that Sakho doesn't fancy WBA.
  • Champo, I rate Robertson highly, think he's a class act. £15m is steep for a LB though, having said that, I don't think it's too far off. £12m would be worth it.
  • Despite agreeing deals, I would be absolutely amazed if Sakho is allowed to leave before a deal for a replacement is completely nailed down.
  • edited August 2016


    He played in a front two a fair bit last season, so he CAN play in either position. He scores a lot of goals that are 'strikers' goals (getting in the box and finishing). I think he would be a very good alternative to Carroll, he would also be a good as a striker partner, and would be good behind the striker too.

    I'm not convinced about him as a lone striker, but I don't think Berahino is that either.

    As a straight swap for Valencia, he is an upgrade in my opinion, imo, honestly.

    Yeah, I want us to sign him, whether as a replacement for Valencia or not. He's a massive upgrade on Valencia. But we need a replacement for Sakho because we aren't likely to be playing two up front based on last season. I don't know if Berahino is a traditional lone striker but when I've seen him play the position he's worked hard to pressure defences and I think he'd have more of a striker's instinct.

    So yeah, sign Ayew to replace Valencia but we need someone to replace Sakho and someone who's probably going to be a lone striker a lot of the time when Carroll gets injured.
  • If we sign ayew and calleri we ain't signing anyone else up front IMO - that will be it
  • I can't believe anyone rates Ollson tbh. He's far worse defensively than Robertson, imo, and has never looked good in the PL.

    I agree that £15m for cover at LB is not going to happen, but Olsson surely isn't the answer
  • Don't know much about Robertson...

    But I don't rate Olsson at all...
  • Problem we have is that any left back we go after will, in all likelihood, know that they'll be out of the team in the new year. And the board know that too so I can't see them sanctioning a deal to buy what will essentially be a back up left back for £15m.

    Olsson by the sounds of it will be cheaper and perhaps more prepared to be a Premier League back-up rather than a Championship back-up, which he arguably will be at Norwich.
  • Diame off to Newcastle
  • Ayew

    If we did something like that, I'd be pleased...

    CF: Carroll Benteke/Mandzukic Calleri Fletcher Martinez

    AM: Payet Lanzini Feghouli Tore Ayew Samuelsen

    DM: Noble Kouyate Nordveit Obiang Oxford

    LB: Cresswell Robertson Page

    CB: Ogbonna Reid Collins Burke

    RB: Antonio Byram

    GK: Adrian Randolph

    that squad would be more than capable of competing in all 4 competitions... Though RB looks our weak spot, so if we have some change, we should aim for another one...
  • well 2 weeks until kick off and I've had more emails about the new kit than news on a striker signing ;biggrin
  • I need to buy sully's new book " pulling wool over your eye's " ;hmm
  • It'll be our luck that batshuyai scores against us as well
  • ;hmm So you DON'T want him to keep schtum then?
  • We've allegedly offered £3m for Olsson, which has been rejected.

    Seems a bit low for an international full-back with PL experience? ;hmm
  • His experience in the PL has been rubbish, so £3m not bad.
  • So many bids rejected ;lol
  • OCL - Bit insulting on our part, IMO. Olsson may not be the best full-back in the world (he may not be the best full-back in Norwich), but I think for a proven international, £3m is a bit of a cheap offer.
  • OCS - a bit like some of the offers I had when I worked in the car trade ;lol
  • it just gets better everyday , is it worth sometimes asking the selling club these 2 simple questions -

    1, is the player for sale yes/no

    2, what is your realistic valuation . ( then negotiate )

    send in realistic offer .

    I fi remember rightly we sold Jarvis to them for a knock down price so perhaps
    they might come back with what they want rather than play silly beggars .

  • edited August 2016
    Jarvis was already on loan to them and only had 6 months of his West ham contract to run when they signed him in January. The (reported) fee was £2.5m, when they could have had him for nowt at the end of the season.

    Olsson is also in the last year of his contract with Norwich.

    I wonder if WHU hope the player will agitate for a move to the PL, thus adding to pressure on Norwich to sell at a reasonable price.

    PS, nothing wrong (imo) with going in with a bid lower than you are prepared to pay - it's part of the negotiation process. Just like the selling club is likely to ask for a very high price.
  • only Fools and Horses springs to mind , we going down the market to get a bargin
    Rodney ( David gold ) Del Boy is played by ( David Sullivan ) Cassandra is played by (Karan Brady )

    This time next year we'll be in the top 4 ;biggrin
  • ;whistle ;wink
  • Young Jack is playing Damion ;biggrin
  • The question is will the addition of Olsson make us stronger at left back than last season
    So again it's improving squad
    He will be a decent back up for cressy
  • So Olsson makes us stronger than last season at LB and he gets dropped as soon as Cressy is fit. How does that work?
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