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You gotta love the 70s

I dont know why, but the 1970s is my favourite West Ham decade. Not always successful but some highs and lows, and some great goals. This is a good video for when you have 80 minutes to kill, I've watched it a few times...


  • I watch those and get caught out by a back pass being picked up by the 'keeper every time.

    Don't pick it up I yell.

    Every single time. ;doh
  • Suze - when I watch keepers today I want to shout "steps".

    How good a winger was Arry?
  • That Brooking bloke could pass quite well. Had a bit of style in them days. But we still have.

  • edited July 2016
    Thanks for posting, a real treat for those of us who only found Upton Park in the 80's.

    A few things of note from watching for me were just how far defending and goalkeeping has come on, how athletic players look now, and most of all just how it still makes me feel that Billy Bonds is the greatest player we have ever had, despite not being the most talented. It is hard to guess where he would have been playing as he really was all over the pitch for many of those goals, starting some from defence, and finishing others in front of goal.
  • Billy roamed where he wanted and nobody was 'ard enuff to argue about it ;bowdown
  • the bits at the beginning with Ade Coker, what a player, I had forgotten about him completely and don't know what became of him, but he did a Cruyff turn before Cruyff.
  • Cheers Swiss - really enjoyed that - my era when I was a regular visitor to the old place, and had hair ;ok
  • Forget Bacca! Pop Robson... Now there was a poacher. So many glancing headers that he lost his hair prematurely ;nonono ;wink
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