Dear West Ham-fans,

My colleagues and I are writing a Dutch blog about the football culture in London.
West Ham United is an important subject on our blog. We are searching for a West Ham-fan who can tell us about the club, the new stadium and the rivalries.

We visit London next Thursday (23th June) till Monday (27th June).

We look forward to your responses.


  • Is it about football violence?
  • Is it about football violence?

    No it is not. We want to interview a West Ham-fan about their club and the changes happening on the moment, including the switch to the Olympic Stadium en rivalries with other clubs from London.
  • Ok thanks ;ok
  • If you don't get any takers I am sure you could set up this threat to ask your questions for which you would get replies (to give you a wider view that just one person).

    Would you be able to post a link to the blog on here so we can have a read once it is done? It is always interesting to read the views of other fans, particularly overseas ones.
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