Disabled supporters left feeling undervalued?

I dont trumpet the fact I have to sit on a mobility scooter to attend football matches near do I expect preferential treatment, but am dismayed by the lack information available regarding disabled access
to the new stadium. The Disabled team at Upton Park were always most helpful and I can say nothing but praise in my dealings with them.
I have been unindated with emails from WHUFC re buying season tickets etc , but none acknowledges the fact that I am NON AMBIENT supporter. When I registered my client details, there was no where on the form to put, Disabled Supporter- requires assistance! Just a line would do. I kept getting mails saying I could purchase a seat ticket for the opening match vs Juventus. I searched all over the web (as so far not attended the new stadium) looking for a seating plan that showed where the disabled seats with mobility scooter provision were located, but found nothing.
So I rang the old disabled ticketing number at UP and was told they no longer handle disabled supporters, ring the Olypic Stadium..I did but was told I was in a queue-my waut about 2hrs!! I gave up hanging on.
Having been advised by email that I coud still buy tickets for the Juve match despite deadline having passed I tried again. Could still find no information re disabled seating/parking...so I rang OS (believed to be Ticketmaster...was told I was no 23 in line to be answered...after 35 mins finally got thru only to be told disablilty is not their department!! Referred me back to old number. I said that made me feel like a second class citizen just because I could`nt walk!
I was put through to the DSD at UP and this time I was told they had no training on the new system and they had been given no information re disabled supporters...
I could go on but doubtless you `ll be bored as I was...but basically I feel that I am undervalued, having been attending UP since 1969...that the new Stadium does`nt care...so I might not bother going...
Anyone else suffered this lack of support and information? I am seeking basic information which will determine whether I buy a seat or not........


  • Have you tried the email link on the club site's under the heading 'accessibility tickets'?

  • Sorry to hear that duke. It might be worth giving the reservation centre a ring?
  • MrsGrey said:

    Have you tried the email link on the club site's under the heading 'accessibility tickets'?

    Yes, thats the Disabled Dept I have been speaking to....only one person is actualy in the know and she has not been available when I have rung...and was promised a call back- still waiting
  • There may as well be buffalo roaming the reservation centre.....
  • Ironduke, at least you haven't lost your sense of humour ;wink
  • Ironduke

    I'd suggest a Twitter hint to DG or KB.

    I really don't think it is lack of interest or compassion, more like something that has fallen between two departments.

    You'd like to hope the OS would have the very best possible access.
  • Ironduke

    Do you have the email address of the disability co-coordinator?

    If not I'll see if I can find her contact details in my SAB stuff.
  • Ironduke- Twist's suggestion that you give the reservation centre a call might well be worth while. If you do ask to speak to Ken Sharpe who is the Reservation Centre Director - I had some dealings with him recently (albeit on a different, but complex, issue) and found him to be very professional, knowledgable and helpful.
    Hope this helps.
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    I've just tweeted KB & DG. and have asked around on the interwebby.
  • Thanks to a chap on KUMB

    The disabled sections are spread around the ground. The green sections on this seating plan show the locations:

    The back of the lower tier is ground level, so you can wheel straight from the turnstiles to those sections. The disabled sections in the upper tier have lift access.

  • What a brilliant, caring bunch of members there are on this forum ;clap
  • Thanks for all your ideas, hints and advice
  • Duke ;ok keep us updated.
  • No response on Twitter from DG or KB.

  • No response on Twitter from DG or KB.

    THanks for trying..I dont use twitter myself
  • Did Julie call you back?
  • Did Julie call you back?

    no, but then I called again and she was not available, another lady tried t help but said she had no information of where disabled mbscs were and could only say 49 parking spaces had been allocated for disabled, but where, cost etc no info
  • Its' quite appalling really Ironduke.

    How can the club not know that?!
  • For me, what's worse (although it's petty bad that this information has slipped through the gaps during the 'swapping over') is that once the club/ticket office was made aware of it nobody seems to have taken responsibility for getting it sorted straight away.
  • Julie is usually very good as this so I'm quite surprised she has not called Ironduke back.
  • Suze,

    You know that other project we were working on - still not heard anything so TBH I am not surprised at this.
  • Hope you get it sorted out soon Ironduke ;ok
  • Suze,

    You know that other project we were working on - still not heard anything so TBH I am not surprised at this.

    Me neither, despite my many emails to the club on the matter.
  • I gave up emailing a while ago, can't tell you how disappointed I am about it, over 5 years of trying and I though we were finally getting somewhere........... How foolish was I to believe that.

    Worst part was having to tell the school and kids that I never even got a response on the offer to help.
  • I am really sorry.

    I had thought I was doing a good thing, it appears all I did was unnecessarily get hopes up.

    I've very disillusioned.
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    Surely this should be one of the main concerns for any major business, especially one regularly dealing with tens of thousands of fans. It should've been in their thinking anyway and, as MrsG said, when you phoned they should've immediately sorted it out. I hope they deal with it soon duke. Have you contacted any other disabled supporters about their experiences on the issue?
  • Mrs G,

    I did a whole lot of research with the idea of creating an area with 50 seats which included carers provisions, even to speaking with some acoustics specialist I know about shaping the area to deflect the noise rather than putting in a huge window to block it out, this included an in area food outlet to cater for specific requirements, quite areas and sensory provisions etc. in case they were needed during the match.

    I have been talking to (or trying) the club since me and my son attended a parents and children's (was actually badged as a Dads & Lads) corporate match (think it was just after Winston joined as he was not playing, Sonof got his and Freddie Sears autographs and pictures with them) and the area we were seated in actually blocked out a good part of the crowd noise, this along with the better seating and the fact he could go to the into the lounge area during the match if he was getting a bit stresses from the crowds and noise - it's the only match he really enjoyed and we have watched to the final whistle, all the others we left at or about 10 mins into the second half.

    Even discussed with his school and some of the parents and children about forming a focus group to work with the club after Suze gave me some really positive feed back from an SAB meeting where it was bought up.


    Don't beat yourself up about it, it's not your fault.
  • AdMeus ;ok

    I thought it would be something like that, as you have mentioned your son before. It was why I first took notice of the Sunderland initiative when it was originally reported. I think it would be great if the club could do something similar.
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