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Welcome to The Boleyn Arms - a West Ham United virtual public house, and a West Ham Institution.

Now in our new home on WHU 606, this is a pleasant hostelry is open for Hammers/Irons to discuss matters relating to football, West Ham United or anything else.

WUMs are barred from this establishment, although friendly fans of other clubs are welcome to come in and enjoy the claret and blue atmosphere.

Please do not deface the pictures of players past and present, that adorn the walls in this establishment (and that includes the one of Jimmy Neighbour, R.I.P.) As with the rest of this site, have fun but please avoid anything racist, sexist, homophobic and any comments that promote negative racial or cultural stereotypes, whether said in jest or not.

Please also bear in mind that users of all ages are on this forum. Therefore please refrain from any content of an adult nature or anything unsuitable for users of all ages.

So come in and join us for our final season at The Boleyn Ground continuing our journey under Messrs. Gold, Sullivan & Brady onwards and back up where we belong!

In previous opening periods of this thread, originally established on BBC 606 by V8Iron under the title "Let's all sign up to this" on the 17th May 2007, we have now achieved postings totaling 139,539 (BBC 606 total) + 177,014= 316,530 and counting.

On March 8th 2013 the 250,000 milestone was passed with a post by Woosie. Well done Woosie and all who have contributed to this Hammer's Institution since May 2007 - Well done guys!

On the weekend of 12th/13th April 2014 with the posting of the 35th comment The Boleyn Arms have passed our post total on BBC 606 well done guys V8 would be proud!

Now entering our eighth year, it gives me great pleasure to re-dedicate this plaque. To those who on BBC 606 defended this place through the deadly days of the Spring and Summer of 2007 .... their names will however live on here forever; though some are lost to us now:
VEight Iron
Half-Egg Half-Biscuit
Espania Hammer

In memory of absent friends

;poppy ;poppy ;poppy


  • Morning all ;wave
  • ;wave

    Match Day ;wahoo
  • The sun is shining....the birds are singing....3 pts for the taking...what more could we want on match day.......
  • An Aguerro hattrick?

  • Happy Easter from Greece, by the way. ;nolan
  • Thanks, Athens where the streets are paved in ......

    may be premature but congrats on being top of fantasy league, dont think you can be caught now....
  • ;nonono ;whome ;weep
  • Hiya chums. ;ok
  • ;wave Happy weekend.

    Going to Gaza for the first time tomorrow.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Happy Easter from Greece, by the way. ;nolan

    I shall eat chocolate then ;biggrin

    ;wave ;tea in the gardens [which really needs some work ;puzzled ] in the sun ;cool
  • ;wave

    The Easter fireworks are soon to go off.

    Our cats hate it ;weep
  • ;wave Let the spit-roasting of the lamb, the consumption of wine,the Greek dancing and the letting off of the traditional Easter bangers commence. ;sofa

  • At midnight every church in Jerusalem started ringing its bells. That's a lot of churches.
  • edited May 2016
    And even more bells. ;wheelie

    Same here, outcast - then our 3 nearest let off fireworks, the boats moored up in both harbours sounded their horns and sent up flares...
  • We've been out for lunch with the parents.

    Pasta and ;redwine

  • Funny names for the parents Suze

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    I was looking forward to watching a bit of footy today, but Mrs E graciously took me out

    To re point the patio ;weep
  • Inspector Gadget and his apprentice.

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    That is ridiculous ;lol

    I don't know if you saw the Adrian family pic on the club site - one funny looking kid ;ok
  • I did yes, he looks very confused.

    As apposed to ACs kid who looks jolly happy with it all.
  • ;wave ;tea

    Off to the The Legends: England v Germany at The Boleyn later ;scarveng
  • Off to the patio later ;weep
  • Off to the revision notes later ;weep
  • Ryan Giggs is splitting up with his wife, If the divorce settlement goes 50/50 she'll have 6 more Premier League medals than Steven Gerrard.

  • ;wave

    Well, what a great day that was. ;biggrin
  • Morning all ;wave
  • ;wave ;tea

    4 day week ;biggrin
  • Morning, Mrs Grey and Suze ;wave
    What a busy weekend, followed by a great
    game at the Boleyn Ground.
    Thought Deano was unlucky not to have scored. Peter Beardsley was brilliant with his tackling and didn't disgrace himself in goal, either.
    David James made some brilliant saves and Lens Lehmann stopped some briliant shots!
    It was a fun game with the comedians putting on a good display in the second half. I can't believe Russell Howard could play a proper game and who is this guy Lynch! He should haave had a hat trick! The way he just glided round the Germans was awesome!
    Rio and Anton did well and all in all it was a great game.
    Pity they were lining up against ALL ex-players!
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