Had my last game at the Boleyn

The Spurs game will be my last ever game there due to work and other commitments.

I attended with my 72 year old dad and brother and for me what an emotional night.
The only reason I am a hammer is due to my dad and I can recall countless stories of coming down the motorway claiming we are never going again due to this and that!!

For me as I walked out I took a long pause to look at the north bank and remembered the spot where my dad used to push me down the front with all the other kids so we could see.

We had our photo taken out by the main gates and as silly as it sounds I knew he was thinking the same as me.

We move on to pastures new but my family memories of the Boleyn will never fade and die.


  • My last game will be the Palace game, unless I can get tickets for the Man Utd game via the lottery they'll run ;pray
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