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Summer Window - The Battle for Strikers

So speaking to a few friends from various clubs it seems this summer is going to be pretty intense for clubs bringing in notably Strikers.

Chelsea - (Not happy with Loic Remy and want another striker to compliment Diego Costa) In the market for a big name striker.

Arsenal - (Not happy with Giroud as the striker to take them to the title) In the market for a big name striker.

Man Utd (Seeing a decline with Rooney, Martial a youngster in waiting with Rashford and Lingaard probably not trusted to push Man Utd towards a Title) Possibly could be in the market for a big name striker.

Liverpool (Klopp has little faith in Benteke it seems and with Sturridge with an injury track record rivalling Carroll) another big name striker could be on the cards with a clearout of the current set.

West Ham Utd (no surprises we have already made our intentions of bringing in a Big Name Striker)

Tottenham (With Harry Kane as the sole striker, Spurs will be on the look out for a striker to compliment Kane) Berhanio possibly the go to.

Manchester City (With Agueros injury problems and the lack of goals from Wilfred Bony) another big name striker could be in for Man City.

Crystal Palace (As they tried in January but failed to sign the striker they wanted) Adebayor a possible stop gap for Crystal Palace to look to bringing in a Big named striker for next season, if they avoid the drop.

Stoke (With Bojan as their main choice striker and the unsettlement of Arnautovic with Odeminge Crouch and Walters possibly making way at the end of the season) Stoke could be in for a big name striker to compliment their new signing Imbula and impressive midfield of Shaqiri Afellay.

You get the sense of feeling that there are at least 8 or so Premier League clubs who will be chasing that Massive Striker. I think we could have a massive battle on our hands to secure someone the like of Batshuayi not only for Marseilles to sell but the fact with how well we have brought in the last 2 season a few clubs may look to poach some of the scouted players of ours. We could be in for a very interesting battle for our Marquee striker this Summer.


  • Wouldn't surprise me if we're well on the way to securing a deal already.

    One of the Sully boys has twice posted a picture of himself in a Marseille shirt with Batshuayi on the back, which if it isn't a done deal is a pretty daft thing to do.
  • I trust trust that Bilic will identify what is needed and Sullivan will go out and get it.
  • That Champions League spot will make negotiations a little easier. ;whistle
  • it's the 20 mill club. an agent's Christmas, Easter and Birthday. If only we could rely on more games from Carroll and get Enner ticking over and bring on Elliott. And make a surprise move for Sears ;wink I think it's stupid to announce that we are in the market for a 20 mill striker. Typical bluster. It's like saying I'm in the market for a thirty quid chocolate bar or a million quid Morris Minor
  • I've gota Morris Minor for sale ;whistle
  • See we are being linked with a £26 mil move for Theo Walcott.......erm no thanks

    A.) He's as injury prone as Carroll/sakho B.) Isn't a prolific goalscorer and C.) Isn't even a real number 10

    Why waste £26mil and £100k a week on a player who never reached his potential, so many better options out there
  • ;puzzled

    I'm confused about which thread we are discussing new signings in .... we have also this one.

    (I thought I'd posted this comment earlier on, but it appear not, unless I am going completely mad ;fence Have I put it on the wrong thread? #confused)
  • Welcome to my world of Mrs Grey. ;hmm
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