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Welcome to The Boleyn Arms - a West Ham United virtual public house, and a West Ham Institution.

Now in our new home on WHU 606, this is a pleasant hostelry is open for Hammers/Irons to discuss matters relating to football, West Ham United or anything else.

WUMs are barred from this establishment, although friendly fans of other clubs are welcome to come in and enjoy the claret and blue atmosphere.

Please do not deface the pictures of players past and present, that adorn the walls in this establishment (and that includes the one of Jimmy Neighbour, R.I.P.) As with the rest of this site, have fun but please avoid anything racist, sexist, homophobic and any comments that promote negative racial or cultural stereotypes, whether said in jest or not.

Please also bear in mind that users of all ages are on this forum. Therefore please refrain from any content of an adult nature or anything unsuitable for users of all ages.

So come in and join us for our final season at The Boleyn Ground continuing our journey under Messrs. Gold, Sullivan & Brady onwards and back up where we belong!

In previous opening periods of this thread, originally established on BBC 606 by V8Iron under the title "Let's all sign up to this" on the 17th May 2007, we have now achieved postings totaling 139,539 (BBC 606 total) + 176,655 = 316,194 and counting.

On March 8th 2013 the 250,000 milestone was passed with a post by Woosie. Well done Woosie and all who have contributed to this Hammer's Institution since May 2007 - Well done guys!

On the weekend of 12th/13th April 2014 with the posting of the 35th comment The Boleyn Arms have passed our post total on BBC 606 well done guys V8 would be proud!

Now entering our eighth year, it gives me great pleasure to re-dedicate this plaque. To those who on BBC 606 defended this place through the deadly days of the Spring and Summer of 2007 .... their names will however live on here forever; though some are lost to us now:
VEight Iron
Half-Egg Half-Biscuit
Espania Hammer

In memory of absent friends

;poppy ;poppy ;poppy


  • Morning all ;wave
  • ;wave ;coffee
  • Wonder if Hamstew is in Orlando for the world clown convention ;hmm
  • ;wave ;coffee
  • Wrath, ;hug. have you found the gobby everton supporter yet ;biggrin
  • Wrath, ;hug. have you found the gobby everton supporter yet ;biggrin

    He's off sick!!!!
  • Morning all ;wave ain't half dark in the mornings still.

    Oh, hang on, I have my watch on upside down.
  • No, you are just in the southern hemisphere ;ok
  • Ah, puts down ukulele and picks up didgeridoo ;whistle
  • Sadly, that means ;coffee not ;beer
  • Have had a great few days. Thursday night I went out with my Son, Mark, my grandaughter, Daniella and her Dad to The Vue at Dagenham to see "London has Fallen" It was excellent! Friday night we took Mark's sister and her husband to Stratford Theatre Royal to see "Janis Joplin Full Tilt" as it was his birthday Saturday. Brilliant! Hannah Jarret-Scott WAS Joplin!
    Saturday I took Mark to see "WAR OF THE WORLDS" on stage at the Dominion Theatre at Tottenham Court Road. Liam Neeson played the Journalist on Screen and hologram and Michael Praed played him on stage. I didn't know he could sing till he did "Forever Autumn". He was brilliant. David Essex played the Spirit of Man while Daniel Bedingfield was the Artilleryman, the part originally played by Davidon the double album.
    A full orchestra was on stage throughout, conducted by Jeff Wayne, himself. They even had a fullsize fighting machine on the stage!
    To round off the weekend my son and his fiance called in with my card and prezzie for Mother's Day.
    Now back at work.
  • David Essex true Hammer ;ok
  • And a good Tuesday morning to you all ;wave
  • ;wave ;coffee
  • ;wave ;coffee
  • What a nice made up dinner - my neighbour has left me her fridge odds and ends as she has gone away for a month. (Cat sitting duty ;doh )

    Among the leftovers was a nearly full tub of Philadelphia. Not sure what to do with it.

    So made a concocted sauce from it.

    Gentle fry crushed garlic + chopped fresh parsley in a bit of butter. Bung in Philly. Black pepper + a few scrapes of lemon zest (small holes on grater). Handful of parmesan. Loosen with a few spoons of pasta water.

    Splosh on top of spaghetti.

    Toast a handful of walnut pieces, then chop them up + scatter over your pasta/sauce.

    Hunks of bread.

    Tomato and rocket salad (olive oil + balsamic vinegar dribbled on it)


    Have I forgotten anything? ;hmm
  • ;redwine
  • Mmm that sounds really nice.
  • Morning all ;wave
  • Morning all ;wave
    Wotcha Expat ;beer
  • ;wave Morning expat/wombat.

    Still on Aussie time, I see, wombat ;biggrin
  • ;wave ;coffee

    Warm and wet in East London.

  • Greetings from Milton Keynes ;wave

    Why does the rain suddenly make the road network a collection point for complete idiots ;angry

    Have I missed something, like when did they rename FOG lights to RAIN lights ;doh
  • ;wave Iam ok but having a real bad time with my lower back problems and my Dog is not to clever with her legs now,iam having great difficulty getting her up the stairs now and iam having to lift her and help her and she is a big dog that weighs 12st and its killing my back,having a real bad time at the moment,i have not been posting as iam pretty upset and not in a good mood and I don,t want to say something I may regret as iam very angry and frustrated and I have been for afew weeks now,i love my dog so much but she is a massive strain on me both physically and mentally and iam not coping very well at all with it,thanks for your concern and kind words,64.
  • Dimi. ;hug
  • edited March 2016
    ;wave 64, really sorry to hear that. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Maybe get one of these:
  • 64 ;hug

    Outcast ;lol
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