Tuesdays Radio Llama where X is for planet.

What songs in your head that you can't shake off.....well this is the plaice to add it to the mix!

Right!......todays featured theme is Bucks Fizz and Dollar.

And the letters UVWX
And our featured year is songs from 1976-77

Oh and just to say......after our recent theme on music throughout the years out of all the years we covered the years 1994-97 was the worst EVER! And I confined it to Room 101.

If your too young to join in with the theme at the moment or if you have a limited genre interest in music or if your just in the mood to play a certain track for any reason then please do.

And if you have another idea for a future Radio Llama theme please tell us....If you find a track on Radio Llama you'd like for your very own, you can use this site:http://www.listentoyoutube.com/index.php (or any number of similar ones) to convert the link to an mp3 file.

And on the day and night of the 15th of March 2013 Radio Llama hit an all time post tally of 338!

Thats 17 pages of banging tunes! (Like thats gonna happen again)

And we enter into the Radio Llama Hall of Fame those pop picking disc jockeys who helped it happen.Hammerwombat, woodenboxbungalowhammer, WestSide, woosie, oldishhammer, AustinTXhammer, pete, lgh

And a special Bonkers DJ award mention to Sir Ian who pretty much by himself posted 332 choons on the 28th-29th Dec 2013.


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