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Jan 16 Transfer Window, speculation & how it differs from others.

And it's live....


  • Not much happening so far ;hmm
  • Jarvis officially gone then.

    Does anyone think anyone else might go ? (maybe O'Brien) ?

    Does anyone think we will bring anyone in ?

    Who do you think will splash the cash this January ?

    Who do you think will land Charlie Austin ?

    Who do you think will land Sam Byram ?

    Who will be the big money mover ?

    Will there be any big Premier League players on the move ?
  • ITK on KUMB says we've signed Lanzini (officially) for £7.4m.
  • JOB isn't fit according to an ITK so he will leave in June when he contracts finishes.
  • I read last night from a Turkish journalist that we have put in a bid for Gokham Tore.

    10m which has been refused.
  • I reckon Charlie Austin may end up at Palace.
  • Few rumours i heard.

    Zarate to be sold to Malaga
    Poyet to be sold to Charlton

    ITK on KUMB says we will sign Tore by end of the window

    Kramarić from Leicester to West Ham
    Sam Byram from Leeds to West Ham
  • Big Oli is having a kid. But yeah :D
  • Little Oli ;hmm
  • ITK says Poyet to Charlton this week
  • Loan or permanent ....

    Didn't we buy him from Charlton in the first place? ;hmm
  • edited January 2016
    Perm apparently. No idea really, the fact we are recalling loans and selling players, Jarvis (possibly Zarate) maybe even JOB might be shuffled out. It is curious if someone is going to come in.

    Zarate is in talks with Malaga currently.
  • Zarate probably knows that with Payet and Lanzini available, his game time would be limited.

    Sad about that, because when he's on song, I think he's an exciting player to watch.

    I know that Song is a loan deal, and we probably can't get out of it, but I think that his best days are behind him, and I'd rather see him go.

    I can understand Jarvis going, never really got going with us, and JOB, having done a great job for us, is injured more than he plays ....

  • Honda to West Ham free Milan? Latest on SSN
  • Rumours Byram is on his way from Leeds for £8 million? We don't have any money!
  • Oh yes we have, you know that safe at Fifa with the brown envelopes in, well

  • Rumours Byram is on his way from Leeds for £8 million? We don't have any money!

    Fortune,buy now pay later,we have got a slate ;wink ;lol
  • edited January 2016
    Being told countless times we have 0 money from Sullivan, not sure how we will sign anyone unless it is from next summers budget.
  • I thought the issue was we had no money for wages due to FFP. Not seen any statement on capital. Presumably if players are leaving we will have scope for someone to join. I'd be amazed if we didn't bring in one or two new players.
  • edited January 2016
    Yes, agreed, its FFP not a lack of funds to buy. Perhaps getting rid of players like Zarate are because we're trying to bring in Tore/Byram etc?

    Also... "Honda to West Ham' and NOBODY made any car puns? ;nonono ;hmm
  • I used to really like Honda, not sure what he's been like the last couple of seasons though. Could be a cracking signing on a free if he's as good as he used to be.
  • Thing is eski, if he is as good as he used to be then he wouldn't be on a free
  • Adrian was on a free.
  • Ok I'll start it...(and probably finish it too) Honda, a good signing if 'Fit'
  • I would take Honda, if he's a fireblade but not if he's a 125.
  • edited January 2016
    News to strike fear into the heart of the_lodger:

    Roger the Relegator has just signed for Charlton.

    (Confirmed on BBC, ;ok )
  • ;nonono oh no...

    Although TBF, he'll improve their squad right now.
  • Barney. Weren't we pretty much done for the summer a few months ago yet somehow managed to sign 4 players on deadline day, including a £7m perm??
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