Countdown to OS Opening

I am confused by the countdown clock on the West Ham Website and the one that has appeared here.

I have been trying to book my summer holiday for next year and have been keen to ensure I can attend the first league game at the OS. Inexplicably, Mrs Upos does not consider this to be an important factor in choosing the dates for our annual two weeks in the sun!

The Football League have already announced their season will start on the 6th August. The Premier League website is silent on the dates for the 2016/2017 season.

I approached the West Ham ticket office to be told that I would need to wait until mid-June 2016 for the fixture list to be published before the date the Premier League fixtures will start will become known. I found similar replies on other club's websites.

In these circumstances, what is the point of the countdown clocks? Interestingly, both countdown clocks suggest the afternoon of Saturday, 13th August as being the point the countdown will come to an end!
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